Should Everyone Have Universal Basic Income?

Shouldn’t every government believe that each of its citizens deserves a fair chance of leading a dignified life? Isn’t it the duty of the elected officials to take care of the poor and those under the poverty line who can’t even meet their basic expenses? The government can decide to extend a helping hand and ensure that nobody in the […]

Why the Minimum Wage Should be $15 per Hour for All Americans

Raising the minimum wage has become a hot topic of debate in the US. As per a report from the Economic Policy Institute, increasing the federal wage to $15 per hour would increase the wages of 33.5 million workers by 2025 in the country. The boost in the wages of low-wage workers will lift the wages of workers by $2,800. […]

Recession due to COVID-19

Honestly speaking, we were all caught unawares by this pandemic. No one expected it to leave China, let alone get to America. Well, here it is. We are now staring down the barrel of the gun that is an economic recession. The many measures put in place to put a stop to the aggressive pandemic are the main reason for […]