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If you were asked to name all the existing monarchical countries of today, how many can you think of? Britain, yes. The Middle Eastern countries, right. And…? Well, there are exactly 44 sovereign states with a monarch as its head! In most cases, these kings/queens are only nominal heads and do not exercise much power.…

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A career switch, especially for popular celebrities, is not unheard of. Not just here in the U.S., celebrities across the world have lent their faces to other businesses to advance their opportunities of income – from opening restaurant chains and fashion lines to writing magazine columns. Success has not eluded them either. Whether it is…

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The debate between Isolationism vs Internationalism as a foreign policy is not a new one. All countries have had to decide whether they would like to shut their doors to the outside world or welcome them into their lands and homes. Several countries, like USA, have shifted gears from one mode to the other with…

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