Overdosing on alcohol is not unheard of. A majority of us usually consume drinks having an alcohol percentage of 8 – 25%; or well, up to a maximum of 40%. It is extremely hard to come across any alcohol having an ABV [Alcohol by volume] of more than 40% at the local bars. This is because, the higher the ABV content, the higher the chances of one getting “knocked off”. However, you will be amazed to know that there exists a land of spirits where the ABV content in the alcohol can go up to straight 96%! Welcome to a rundown of the strongest alcoholic drinks in the world.

15 of the Strongest Alcoholic Drinks in the World You Can Buy

  1.  Clarke’s Court Spicy Rum (69% alcohol)

This particular brand of alcohol is made from one of the largest Rum producers in Canada. This Honey-colored rum is made up of a mix of different spices such as clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and white pepper, and is extremely complex as well as highly potent.


2.  Bacardi 151 (75.5% alcohol)


Bacardi 151 is made in Puerto Rico and this alcohol is a must-have for making fiery drinks such as Dr. Pepper. The bottle of Bacardi 151 usually comes with stainless steel fire arrestor as it is highly inflammable due to this potency. It is also used in small quantities for making cocktails such as Daiquiri. This rum is manufactured by the Bacardi Limited of Hamilton.


3.  Devil Springs Vodka (80% Alcohol)

This particular brand of Vodka is the strongest one available on this planet! It is most commonly used for making cocktails with Ginger Ale and juices. It is also used to make the famous Flaming Shots. If you prefer to be in your senses, it is better to avoid drinking it neat!


4.  Sunset Rum (84.5% Alcohol)

This particular rum is one of the most powerful Rums available across the globe and has been awarded “The World’s Best Overproof Rum” title by the World Rum Awards in 2016. The packaging also contains a warning to consume the drink with a mixer as the drink can cause a strong burning sensation in your throat.


5.  Good ol’ Sailor Vodka (85% Alcohol)

This particular Vodka is used in Sweden and is not well known to the rest of the world. It is made from freshwater collected from the Lake Vättern and organic grains. Traditional skills coupled with modern distillery technology is used for making this particular vodka. It is also used in extremely small quantities for making cocktails.

6.  Balkan 176 Vodka (88% Alcohol)

This Scandinavian vodka is the strongest that you will ever come across. It is quite tasteless, colorless as well as odorless. This alcoholic beverage is so strong that the packaging contains as many as 13 warnings. There are several cases in which people have died due to alcohol poisoning shortly after consuming this drink! Therefore be careful before trying this drink.

7.  Pincer Shanghai Strength Vodka (88.8% alcohol)

This drink is made in Scotland. This Glasgow based company manufactures this drink with the objective of using the same drink as a concentrate. A single bottle can supply 65 shots when compared to the usual supply of 26 shots. It consists of milk thistle and wild elderflower.

8.  Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe (89.9% Alcohol)

The Czech Republic is well known for attracting lovers of absinthe. The country is also famous for producing a large variety of such brands. A good number of such drinks have a very good percentage of alcohol.

9.  Poitín (Poteen) (90% Alcohol)

This strong drink is made in Ireland with the help of potatoes, green or whey, and barley. The first-ever record of poteen dates back to the 6th century. The drink was legalized in the year 1977 and for the last 300 years, it held an illegal status of moonshine. These drinks are now available in stores with an ABV of 90%.

10.  Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey (92% Alcohol)

This is the strongest alcoholic whiskey (single malt) ever made. The drink is still made utilizing a 17th-century quadruple distillation method. This drink is extremely pure as well as potent. Be extremely careful while handling this particular whiskey.

11.  Golden Grain (95 % alcohol)

This beverage is manufactured in the United States of America. It is nearly identical to Everclear in its ingredients. However, this particular beverage is used as the key ingredient in different drinks such as Instant Death and Screaming Purple Jesus. This drink is also illegal in several states across the globe.

12.  Everclear (95% Alcohol)

A majority of heavy drinkers argue that Everclear is the strongest drink available in the world. However, it is so not the case. The Grain Spirit of Everclear consists of 95% alcohol and is completely colorless, tasteless as well as odorless. If you challenge yourself to judge its taste, then you might as well as prepare for a tongue implant. This alcoholic beverage is manufactured as well as sold by Luxco, the American spirit company.

13.  Cocoroco (96% Alcohol)

This particular booze from Bolivia is just a little less strong compared to the Eesti Piiritus, the strongest alcoholic drink in the world. However, it’s definitely hellish. It is usually packed in a tin can as compared to a normal bottle and is distilled from sugarcane. This unique packaging will give you an illusion that you are taking a drink from a can of paint thinner. This drink is also strictly prohibited across several countries as the alcohol percentage of 96% is extremely strong. For instance in Chile, the neighboring country of Bolivia, no drink can be sold which has an alcohol content of over 55%.

14.  Spirytus Rektyfikowany (96% Alcohol)

This particular polish vodka has an ABV of 96%. In other words, abusing this drink can pretty much put you on your way to meet God. This vodka is more potent than the famous Everclear and is easily amongst the list of strongest alcoholic beverages found across the globe.

15.  Eesti Piiritus (Estonian Spirit) (96.6 % Alcohol)

This spirit is usually made in the small Baltic state of Estonia. It is quite common knowledge that the locals of the Soviet Union know how to handle their booze. Estonia attracts tourists interested in alcohols right from the expensive Scandinavia, Finland, as well as Sweden. The Estonians with their Eesti Piiritus entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 1938 for the strongest alcoholic beverage with an ABV of 98%! As of today, this is still manufactured with an ABV content of 96.6%.

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