Senator Roland “I Know I Could Give Him A Check” Burris, Resign

“Tell Rod to keep me in mind for that seat, would ya?…. I know I could give him a check myself.”

Senator Roland Burris of Illinois: It's all about the checks– Roland Burris, in a phone call with Robert Blagojevich, November 13, 2008, prior to his being appointed by Rod Blagojevich to the United States Senate.

Senator Burris, it’s not like you’ve been busy on Capitol Hill advancing the progressive cause. Your Progressive Action Score is a measly 22 out of 100, a score as low as Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has gotten herself, for Pete’s sake. You haven’t supported the advancement of Pre-K legislation for kids. You’ve dropped the ball on three bills to protect our ocean environment. You haven’t supported equality for gay families in immigration, and you haven’t helped in the effort to ban cluster bombs.

You’ve been given power. What have you done with it? What have you done?

You’ve taken two pre-existing private bills to help individual Illinois citizens, bills written by other legislators before you. You’ve slapped your name on them. Congratulations, Senator Burris, name well slapped. And, oh yeah, on top of that you’ve introduced a bill symbolically celebrating Juneteenth. Not that you wrote that bill. Dick Durbin introduced the very same bill in the 110th Congress. Name well slapped onto someone else’s bill! Name well slapped!

You’ve done… what? What? What with your power?

Nothing, Roland Burris. You’ve done nothing.

And now your voice has been caught on tape offering to write checks to Blagojevich during the same phone call in which you’re asking to be appointed Senator.

Pathetic. End it. Resign.

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