Senator Collins Parties In The Thick Of Lobbyist Money

Susan Collins isn’t up for re-election again for another four years, but she’s already swimming deep in lobbyist money. While most Americans will have to make do attending holiday parties with a few home-made cookies, Senator Collins is getting ready to party with some of Washington D.C.’s top lobbyists, who are providing her with big wads of cash as special gifts. It’s going to be her birthday soon, after all.

Hosting the lobbyist party for Collins on December 7 is Senator Thad Cochran. He’s joined by the following lobbyists who have given especially large amounts of money in order to gain the special attention of Senator Collins:

Justin Daly, who once worked as a congressional counsel, but now represents, through Ogilvy Government Relations, organizations including the American Petroleum Institute, Chevron, Hess, Constellation Energy, the Blackstone Group, VISA, United Technologies, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Michael Bopp, who was once once Associate Director at the Office of Management and Budget, but now works as a lobbyist at Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher for clients including General Electric, Goldman Sachs, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Roundtable.

Peter Madigan, a lead lobbyist with Peck, Madigan, Jones and Stewart, a firm that declares Washington D.C. to be “a marketplace of ideas, power and reputations” – a lightly veiled suggestion that the services politicians in Congress are for sale. Madigan has been a lobbyist for decades. Right now, he’s representing Deutsche Bank, the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, PMI Global Services, and Tyco International on Capitol Hill, among other clients.

David Lugar, son of Senator Richard Lugar. Lugar Junior has worked as lobbyist this year directly for First Data Corporation, and for Quinn Gillespie and Associates. His clients with QG&A include, AT&T, Blackrock Capital Management, the Blackstone Group, Metlife, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sony, Qualcomm, State Farm Insurance, the US Chamber of Commerce, and Zurich Financial Services.

Gerry Lamb, a lobbyist employed exclusively by military contractor General Dynamics.

Charlie Iovino, a lobbyist employed exclusively by the Aetna insurance company.

Kate Hull, former aide to William Cohen, and presently a lobbyist with Fierce, Isakowitz and Blalock. Hull is paid to represent the interests of the American Insurance Association, the American Television Alliance, the Blackstone Group, the Business Roundtable, the Coalition for a Competitive Pharmaceutical Market, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Mutual of Omaha, and Zurich Financial Services.

Vicki Hart of Hart Health Strategies, who lobbies for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Chemed, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Johnson and Johnson, and the Alliance of Specialty Medicine, among others.

John J. O’Neill will be at the party too. He works for Ogilvy Government Relations, lobbying for the American Chemistry Council, the American Petroleum Institute, the Blackstone Group, Chevron, Constellation Energy, Hess, International Paper, Pfizer and Verizon, among other clients.

Wayne Berman, like Justin Daly and John O’Neill, works for Ogilvy Government Relations, representing the Blackstone Group, the American Petroleum Institute, Chevron, Hess, and Constellation Energy. He also lobbies for Procter & Gamble, StoneRiver Holdings, Cash America International, and Ameren Corporation, among others.

Joining this Ogilvy group is Elena Tompkins, who lobbies for the Blackstone Group, the American Petroleum Institute, Chevron, Hess, and Constellation Energy. He also lobbies for Procter & Gamble, StoneRiver Holdings, and Cash America International.

The list goes on. There are 22 lobbyists listed as hosts with special access to Susan Collins at her lobbyist birthday party. Other lobbyists and representatives of political action committees who aren’t listed at the level of hosts may also be in attendance.

Who won’t be at this party for Senator Collins? Members of the voting public will be notably excluded, as the party is being held a lobbying office used by FedEx in Washington D.C., not in Maine.

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