Republicans Vote Against Quick Oil Drilling On Existing Leases

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but last Thursday, the Democrats in Congress did just that. They proposed a law that would increase the amount of drilling for oil taking place on federal lands.

Funny thing – almost all the Republicans voted against the bill. Why? Well, H.R.6251, called the Responsible Federal Oil and Gas Lease Act, moves to increase the amount of drilling for fossil fuels on federal lands without increasing the amount of land available for oil drilling. Instead, the law would force oil drilling companies to stop slacking off and to use the federal lands they’re already leasing more efficiently.

You see, although oil companies complain that oil supply is low because there isn’t enough public land available for them to drill on, those same companies are moving as slow as slugs to actually begin drilling on the public land they’re already leasing. The huge majority of land leased for the purposes of oil exploration hasn’t actually been tapped by the oil companies yet. They’re just sitting on that land, not drilling it.

For the sake of increasing the supply of oil, as Republicans in Congress have said that they want, the Responsible Federal Oil and Gas Lease Act would have banned the federal government from granting new leases to companies that have not been drilling on the leases they already have in a timely manner. It makes perfect sense. If an oil company isn’t even using the leases of public lands they already have, why should they take on yet more leases… unless what those oil companies really want to do is just squat on their leases of public lands with oil under them only in order to prevent the oil from being drilled, thus decreasing supply and artificially driving up the cost of petroleum products so that they can make a bigger profit without doing any more work.

Those right wing members of Congress who voted against the Responsible Federal Oil and Gas Lease Act were doing the bidding of the big oil companies, regardless of the harm to the larger American economy. That’s really scummy. In fact, that kind of oil-slick corruption is downright crude.

Take note: They’re not all Republicans. 19 Democrats jumped the tracks to vote against this work ethic for oil companies. The members of Congress who had the gall to vote against the Responsible Federal Oil and Gas Lease Act and its attempt to force oil companies to become more efficient in bringing oil out of the ground and to the gasoline pump were:

Robert Aderholt
Rodney Alexander
Michelle Bachmann
Spencer Bachus
Gresham Barrett
Roscoe Bartlett
Joe Barton
Marion Berry
Judy Biggert
Brian Bilbray
Gus Bilirakis
Rob Bishop
Marsha Blackburn
Roy Blunt
John Boehner
Jo Bonner
Mary Bono
John Boozman
Dan Boren
Rick Boucher
Charles Boustany
Kevin Brady
Paul Broun
Henry Brown
Ginny Brown-Waite
Vern Buchanan
Michael Burgess
Dan Burton
Steve Buyer
David Camp
John Campbell
Eric Cantor
Shelley Capito
John Carter
Steve Chabot
Travis Childers
Howard Coble
Tom Cole
Michael Conaway
Jim Costa
Ander Crenshaw
Barbara Cubin
Henry Cuellar
John Culberson
Geoff Davis
David Davis
Tom Davis
Nathan Deal
Charles Dent
Thelma Drake
David Dreier
John Duncan
Vernon Ehlers
Jo Ann Emerson
Phil English
Mary Fallin
Tom FeeneyMichael Ferguson
Jeff Flake
Jeff Fortenberry
Vito Fossella
Virginia Foxx
Trent Franks
Rodney Frelinghuysen
Elton Gallegly
Scott Garrett
Jim Gerlach
Phil Gingrey
Charles Gonzalez
Virgil Goode
Bob Goodlatte
Kay Granger
Sam Graves
Gene Green
Ralph Hall
Doc Hastings
Dean Heller
Jeb HensarlingWally Herger
Ruben Hinojosa
David Hobson
Peter Hoekstra
Kenny Hulshof
Duncan Hunter
Bob Inglis
Darrell Issa
William JeffersonTimothy Johnson
Sam Johnson
Walter Jones
Jim Jordan
Ric Keller
Peter King
Steve King
Jack Kingston
Mark Kirk
John Kline
Joseph Knollenberg
Randy Kuhl
Ray LaHood
Doug Lamborn
Nick Lampson
Tom Latham
Steven LaTourette
Bob Latta
Jerry Lewis
John Linder
Frank Lucas
Dan Lungren
Connie Mack
Donald Manzullo
Kenny Marchant
James Matheson
Kevin McCarthy
Michael McCaul
Thaddeus McCotter
Jim McCrery
Patrick McHenry
John McHugh
Howard McKeon
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Charles Melancon
John Mica
Jeff Miller
Candice Miller
Dennis Moore
Tim Murphy
Marilyn Musgrave
Sue Myrick
Randy Neugebauer
Devin Nunes
Solomon Ortiz
Ron Paul
Stevan Pearce
Mike Pence
Thomas Petri
Charles Pickering
Joseph Pitts
Todd Platts
Ted Poe
Jon Porter
Tom Price
Deborah Pryce
Adam Putnam
George Radanovich
Ralph Regula
Dennis Rehberg
Rick Renzi
Silvestre Reyes
Tom Reynolds
Ciro Rodriguez
Harold Rogers
Mike Rogers
Dana Rohrabacher
Peter Roskam
Mike Ross
Edward Royce
Paul Ryan
Bill Sali
Jim Saxton
Steve ScaliseJean Schmidt
James Sensenbrenner
Peter Sessions
Christopher Shays
John Shimkus
Bill Shuster
Michael Simpson
Adrian Smith
Lamar Smith
Vic Snyder
Mark Souder
Cliff Stearns
John Sullivan
John Tanner
Lee Terry
Mac ThornberryTodd Tiahrt
Patrick Tiberi
Michael Turner
Fred Upton
Tim Walberg
Greg Walden
James Walsh
Zach Wamp
David Weldon
Lynn Westmoreland
Ed Whitfield
Heather Wilson
Joe Wilson
Rob Wittman
Frank Wolf
Don Young
C.W. Bill Young

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