Republicans Vote Against Efficient Schools

Republican politicians are always complaining that public schools are not efficient enough. They use this complaint as an excuse for cutting off the funds that public schools need to give American children an adequate education. Yesterday, the Democrats in Congress called the Republicans’ bluff. You want efficient public schools? Good. Congressman Ben Chandler, who is very far from liberal, had […]

Who Would Vote Against Clean, Efficient Crane Conservation?

Republicans say that they’re fiscally responsible. That means that they ought to support programs that are financially efficient. Republicans say that they’re conservative. That means that they ought to support conservation programs. Nonetheless, a fiscally efficient conservation program came before the House of Representatives yesterday, and most Republicans voted against it. Why would they do such a thing? Why would […]

Where is Hillary Clinton on the Military Commissions Act?

Last fall, as members of the Senate were preparing to pass the ill-advised Military Commissions Act, Senator Hillary Clinton stood before the Senate and made plain her opposition to the legislation: Mr. President, During the Revolutionary War, between the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which set our founding ideals to paper, and the writing of our Constitution, which fortified those ideals […]