Kesha Rogers Fights Obama’s British Empire

As part of a “Down With The Traitors Campaign 2010″ organized by Lyndon LaRouche, candidate Kesha Rogers has gained the Democratic Party nomination for the House of Representatives in the 22nd congressional district in Texas. Rogers won over two other Democratic candidates, gaining 53 percent of the vote. Rogers won the Democratic nomination with the help of Tea Party activists who displayed posters of Harry Reid and Barack Obama growing little Hitler mustaches.

With a campaign slogan of “Send Kesha to Congress, and your grandchildren to Mars.”, Kesha Rogers will now represent the 22nd district Democrats in a campaign against incumbent Republican Pete Olson.

The Rogers for Congress campaign features the following political assertions:
– Barack Obama should be impeached because of the TARP bailout and Obama’s commission on the budget, which was established through what LaRouche supporters call the “Make Obama Dictator Executive Order”.
– We are endangered by the breakdown of a global , “three thousand year-old monetary empire” that is likely to kill half the world’s population.
– The Obama White House is under the thumb of “British imperial controllers”.
– Americans must reject “an existential culture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll” (Apparently, Elvis Presley is still a threat to our way of life).
– Barack Obama’s plans for health care reform are a Nazi “killer” policy
– “We Must Declare Now Our Intention to Colonize the Solar System”

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