How to Install Curtains – Step by Step Guide

How to Install Curtains

The easiest way to amp up the décor in your home is to install trendy curtains that match with your interiors. Curtains complete any given room. In addition, curtains help to control the light that enters your home while offering privacy as well as warmth. They also reaffirm your choice of style and adds more colour and texture. By installing the curtains, you can even accessorize your window and also make it look more open. Don’t know how to install curtains yet? This is the perfect guide that will break things down and teach you exactly what you need to do.

Prior to installing curtains, you must measure the exact dimensions of the windows. Following the window measurements, you will have to install a curtain rod. The correct installation of your curtains is completely dependent on a strong, levelled rod. And then lastly, we talk about installing curtains the right way.

How to Install Curtains Explained

Part 1 – Measurement of your Windows

  1. Calculate the window length

Your curtain rod must always be a few inches wider than your window so as to give space to your curtain panels. Before purchasing a curtain rod, it is better to note down the length of your window with the help of a measuring tape. Always remember that your window can look larger by using longer curtain rods. Ideally, your curtain rod must be 10-12 inches wider than the window.

  1. Determine the window height

If you place your curtain rod right above the window, then it will make your window appear more cramped and narrower. It is always better to check the height of the window. You will now have to mark a spot 4 inches above the window. This will make your ceiling, as well as windows, appear more spacious.

Window Height Measurement


  1. Measure the height of the window frame from the flooring

Curtains that don’t reach the floor look a bit awkward. Curtains must at the very least touch the floor or pool slightly over the floor. Make a note of your measurements and then add a few inches depending upon the height at which you wish to hang the curtain rod. Always remember not to let more than 2 inches of curtain pool on the flooring.

  1. Mark the intended location of the bracket

It is better to use the measurements you have just made to mark the precise height of the window brackets. It is advised to use a pencil for markings so that you can erase and adjust them as needed. You must hold the brackets up to the wall while marking the locations to determine the accurate placement of the screws. In a majority of the cases, the curtain rod comes with a bracket and a set of screws.

window bracket


  1. Level the measurement

Before you install a curtain rod, it better to level your measurements. Nothing is worse than a crooked curtain ruining the complete look of your room! You can use a measuring tape and level to confirm if your marked lines are straight. Trust us: the extra effort is worth it!


Part 2 – Installing the Curtain Rod

  1. Drilling holes in the marked areas

If you screw the brackets without pre-drilling any holes, then you will risk your walls being fractured. You must always use a drill in order to make small holes. Your curtain rods will come loose if your holes are larger for the screws. The size of the drill hole is dependent on the screw size. The holes must be identical in size to the body of the screw.


  1. Use Stud Finder

It is better to use a stud finder in order to determine the number of wall anchors you will need.  You will not have to install any wall anchors if you have wall studs installed very next to the drill areas. Moreover, you can directly screw in the curtain brackets in such a case. To use the stud finder, you must run the device along the wall and observe the screen for any detection of the stud.


  1. Install wall anchors

Always use a pencil to mark the location of the wall anchors. Use drills to make any holes for the anchors. Place the anchor and tap with a hammer to secure it in its place.

  1. Screw in the brackets

You must place the brackets against the wall and then place the screws in the holes which are already pre-drilled.

  1. Check the brackets

Before installing any curtains, it’s best to make sure if the brackets can support the rod. If it does not, then you will have to opt for heavy-duty brackets that are available at hardware stores.



Part 3 – Installing the Curtains

  1. Remove the rods to install the curtains

Most of the rods come with stops at the ends to prevent the curtain from falling off. You can screw off only one stop so as to slide the curtains in and securing the same on to the rod.


  1. Attach the curtain to the rod appropriately

Few curtains are attached to the curtain rod by curtain rings while few others are threaded through the curtain rod. You can always go through the instruction manual to confirm the same. Once you have attached the curtain onto the rod, you can screw back the stop onto the end of the curtain rod.

  1. Place the curtain rod back in its place

Once you have hung the curtain rod, you must assess the look of the same. If all your measurements are correct and if the brackets are installed correctly at a levelled angle, then the curtains should enhance the look of the window.


  1. Check the Curtain length

If you feel that the curtains are too long, then you can hem the same or get it done by any local seamstress. It is advised to make the hem an inch longer than you want so as to avoid any shortening of the curtains.

  1. Check the curtain for any crookedness

Your curtains will appear uneven or crooked if the curtain rods are not levelled. In such cases, you will have to measure your curtain rod with a level. You will also have to re-adjust the window brackets until the curtain rods appear straight.

If you still have any questions on how to install curtains, do message us in the comment section below.

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