You can either be one of two kinds of people – a gamer and a non-gamer. However, even non gamer usually indulge in casual gaming once in a while to break away from the routine and pass time. Contrary to what many people think, you don’t always require high-speed internet connectivity along with good hardware to enjoy video games. With that said, let’s take you through some good games to play when bored on computer.

There are a plenty of online games available on the Internet which are completely free and can be accessed by any individual who has a decent internet connection. Online games now have become a new source of entertainment and connect different individuals from across the globe together. Players can also communicate with each other through audio chats and text. Along with relieving stress, playing games help to pass some time and is also known to be a brain exercise.

1. Letterpress

It is a typical word game played between two players which is basically a combination of scrabble, risk and boggle. The game basically challenges the players to identify a good number of words on a 5×5 board. Although this is not simply enough to win the game. There are certain elements to the game such as board coloring as well as tile stealing. Players can communicate with each other and also track their progress on the official leader board of Letterpress.



2. Daymare Town Series

The game consists of an excellent collection of mystery-based puzzles. Created by Mateusz Stutnik, the Daymare Town Series also features creepy artwork as well as horror music! The entire game is based on a simple objective: the player has to escape the town in which he or she is trapped. The game is super fun as well as creepy which you’ll love!

 3. Sky Chasers

The game is based on Max, a female pilot who flies a rocket fueled cardboard box. In this game, the players have to operate a thruster to fly through magical worlds. The inventive levels presented in the game date back to retro platformers in addition to some bombastic traps, strong enemies and twisting tunnels.  Through coins earned in different worlds, players have the ability to unlock around 24 new spaceships having unique features and design.



 4. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

This game is quite unique and hilarious where you play the character of Karoshi, who is a disgruntled office employee. He tries to commit suicide in innovative ways. You begin the game with as many as 50 lives and you will have to find different ways to kill yourself on each passing level. Yes it sounds crazy but we assure you it’s a lot of fun!




This is a multiplayer game in which you play as snakes. You start as small snakes and have to eat food in order to grow. Larger snakes can easily trap smaller snakes and will make them disappear. When you successfully trap an enemy snake, it serves as food to others. This particular game is a great pick if you are looking forward to killing some time. In addition, a good collection of skins is definitely eye catching.


6. Snow Line

The game is quite logical and requires a decent level of skill. In this game, you will have to draw a line on your screen so that Santa can slide his sleigh. Simple premise, but addicting gameplay!



7. Funky Truck

This is based on off road driving and the game features cartoonish graphics along with over the top physics. In this game, the players can fly, bounce and flip their choice of monster trucks. You will have to drive your trucks faster as there is a time limit. In each level, you will come across ramps galore, towering hills and frightening valleys.



8. The Maze

This is also a puzzle game and is based on “The Maze”, a book written by Christopher Manson. The game is created in quite a simple format. Each page represents a door present in the maze. This in turn, will open up the doors on the next pages of the book. The objective of the game is that the player has to find his or her way from page 1 to 45 and back in the shortest possible route.




It is a typical eat or get eaten game. It is a multiplayer game and is inspired by The gameplay is quite competitive as well as dynamic through its acceleration, ghost and stop skills. Such skills are unlockable and at any given time, players can slither through a good number of boosters to get magnetic abilities, extra health and vision.



10. Type Racer

This game is literally based on your typing speed. This game will provide you a small passage and you have to type out a word in the shortest time. This game also has multi player options where you can compete with other players from around the world.



11. Gold Panic

This is a maze based puzzle game. The game is quite simple and all you have to do is dig a path when you are in the mine and push the gold through a little cart wherever you collect it. The game is an excellent time killer which you might spend several hours playing.


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