First impressions are the last impressions, they say. Nowhere is this truer than the impressions people have about your house. As they enter, they breathe in the vibe of the living room. Even after visiting the other rooms in between, they leave through the same door, taking in the living room impressions again as they wave goodbye. Needless to say, the décor of your living room should be the number one priority. No one likes to be welcomed into dark, shabby, melancholic spaces.

Your living room is also the first and last thing you and your family see every time while entering and leaving the house. Therefore, it makes total sense to spend considerable time thinking about the perfect way to making your living room look warm, inviting and cheerful. The living room is usually the place for family gatherings, welcoming guests, playing games during evenings or just lying on the couch watching television.

Well, does a well-designed living space mean shelling out a large sum of your savings? Absolutely not. A few wise expenses will help you save your money while giving you the happiest looking living room! The first aspect you should be focusing on is doing up the walls of your living room. Before you think of renovating old furniture or buying new ones, get yourself a statement wallpaper. The walls take up the maximum space of any room and naturally becomes a focal point for the eye. Having an interesting wallpaper instead of a solid-colored paint could make all the difference to creating a vibrant, happy space.

Here’s a simple guide on how to choose the right wallpaper for your living room –

  1. Theme and Style-

    A Bohemian fashion ethnic styled-wallpaper

    Source: AliExpress

    First things first. Your entire house must reflect your personality, your tastes and preferences. This will help you to create a particular mood and vibe in the living room. It will also aid in deciding the other elements of the room. Go for a formal look if you plan to have official meetings in your living room often; choose a bohemian theme for a free-spirited and wild vibe; opt for a rustic theme to show your rootedness and belief in simplicity, or choose nature as your theme if you like to unwind outside. The possibilities are truly endless- contemporary, industrial, minimalist, abstract, vintage… pick one that suits your style.

    Remember that you are not going to change wallpapers every month or even for years – so don’t go by what catches your fancy in the latest interior design magazines. Choose something that showcases your true style; only then will it be a worthwhile investment.

    2. Color Palette-

    Source: Pinterest

    Once you have a theme in mind, decide on a color palette. The color wheel is your best buddy here. Choose a maximum of three to four colors, one of them being a neutral shade like white, black, gray, brown and two to three complementary or contrasting colors. Some of the common color palettes for living rooms you can pick are:

    • Neutrals—monochromatic browns, cream, and grey for a cozy vibe
    • Blue, green and brown to give a feel of outdoors.
    • Dark blue, grey and red for a bright, eclectic feel.
    • Pink, grey and black for a contemporary, artistic ambiance.
    • Light pastel shades for a spacious, well-lit space.
    • Yellow, brown and white for a bright & sunny touch.

    Your wallpaper must contain at least one of the colors from your palette and definitely not all of them.

    3. The Pattern on Walls-

A simple striped wallpaper can be attractive yet minimalistic

Source: Asabaab

The wallpaper pattern will be in keeping with your theme and style. Simple stripes, bold florals, or abstract geometric shapes – you need to decide how much attention you want to be riveted to the walls.

A solid color is the simplest, and well yeah, also the most boring! If you like minimalist décor, go for simple stripes or polka dots or small florals. Damasks and paisleys bring in a traditional touch while abstract patterns in metallic sheen can be contemporary.

Textures add dimensions to the walls. A tone-on-tone texture will create variety without pulling the eye too much towards it whereas a non-textured plain wallpaper can offer a nice balance to a heavily furnished room.

The other important consideration is about mixing patterns. Different patterns on different walls can be confusing and off-putting. But a nice blend of floral and a white brick pattern can be soothing to the eyes. Try samples. Place small amounts of the two patterns side by side to see whether they complement each other before buying a whole roll.

4. One or all, All or one-

Source: Pinterest

This decision is make-or-break for the kind of atmosphere your room will create. Do you want three simple walls with one feature or accent wall? Or do you want four bold walls with minimalist furniture? A simple tip is that if you have a lot of furniture, keep the walls minimalist and vice versa. If you are putting the same wallpaper on all four walls, keep the patterns small and traditional to make the room look spacious. Four big and bold walls can make your room appear small but also more intimate.

5. Mathematics time-

The last step is to decide how much wallpaper to buy. You do not want to start pasting the wallpaper and then realize midway that you’ve run out of it, only to be further horrified by the shop saying that they are out of stock. Neither do you need heaps of wallpaper rolls lying in the dump-room.

Measure the length and breadth of your walls very carefully. Deduct the windows, doors and other openings. Check the square-foot coverage each roll provides and calculate how many rolls you will need for each wall. It’s okay to have a little extra than be sorry for it later.

Remember that wallpapers are a long-term investment and giving it deeper thought is necessary. People can either feel uplifted or drowsy upon entering your house simply because of the choice of wallpaper you have made. Happy shopping!

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