Recession due to COVID-19

Honestly speaking, we were all caught unawares by this pandemic. No one expected it to leave China, let alone get to America. Well, here it is. We are now staring down the barrel of the gun that is an economic recession. The many measures put in place to put a stop to the aggressive pandemic are the main reason for […]

The Most Evil Men in History

Our world has witnessed tragedies of many forms. Wars, famines, genocides, killings, riots, and so on. Our History shows that the real evil lies within the hearts of such inhuman leaders and dictators. These are individuals who have executed crime at an unimaginable level. Decisions taken by them have had a horrible impact on humanity, from which, we can all […]

Does Super PAC Pay Aguilar Family Member’s Salary on Ground Campaign?

One of the very few limitations of an independent expenditure made by a Super PAC under the new rules for campaign finance after the Citizens United is that the Super PACs cannot coordinate their spending with political candidates’ campaigns. This legal barrier has been stretched paper thin by many campaigns, with campaign managers supposedly resigning, only in order to manage Super […]

House Constitution Caucus Overwhelmingly Supports Indefinite Detention without Charge

The Constitution Caucus of the House of Representatives proclaims itself dedicated to keeping congressional action within the bounds of the United States Constitution: “The Constitution is the guide I will never abandon.” — George Washington Recognizing that the Constitution can only be preserved if it lives in the hearts and minds of the American people, the Constitution Caucus will provide an effective […]

Why Does Spencer Bachus Oppose the Dodd-Frank Act? It’s About Service.

Republican Representative Spencer Bachus, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, has come out in strong opposition to the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, giving the new law a grade of F in July of 2011. Why? What’s objectionable about a law that creates an independent consumer protection watchdog agency with the job of making sure Americans receive the information about their loans […]

Online Surveillance Bill Approved By House Judiciary Committee

Yesterday, as the American public was distracted by the drama over whether the debt ceiling will be raised, the House Judiciary Committee met to consider H.R. 1981 – a bill that would force private internet service providers to help the government conduct surveillance on the personal Internet activities of the American people. H.R. 1981 would require internet service companies to keep records […]

10 In Congress Sue To Stop Illegal Libya war

A bipartisan group of ten members of the U.S. House of Representatives have jointly filed a lawsuit in federal court today to stop the U.S. involvement in the war in Libya. The group, consisting of 6 Republicans and 4 Democrats, point out that it is clearly illegal for the President to take the United States into war without the approval […]

In Challenge to Michele Bachmann and Tea Party brand, Justin Amash forms House Liberty Caucus

Although Representative Justin Amash was endorsed in 2010 by both Tea Party Express and the self-proclaimed “Tea Party HQ” FreedomWorks, he has not joined the Tea Party Caucus headed by Rep. Michele Bachmann. Instead (to no notice beyond the official registry of the Committee on House Administration), Rep. Amash has formed his own House Liberty Caucus. This is no mere duplication of effort; in a series of key […]

Congress Isn’t Getting Information About The Patriot Act

In this week’s brief and superficial hearing in the House of Representatives concerning the renewal of the most abusive surveillance powers of the Patriot Act, there was an elephant in the room that no one wanted to talk about: The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board is required by law, and is given […]

Inhofe Admits Global Warming Is No Hoax

Senator Jim Inhofe once infamously declared that global warming is the ” greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people”. This week, however, Inhofe has signed his name as a cosponsor to S. 228, a Senate bill that acknowledges the reality of climate change, of which global warming is a part. Very quietly, Inhofe has finally admitted that he was wrong, and that […]