Your DNA Should Not Be Up For Sale

The Company 23andMe that became an overnight sensation with its DNA testing kit writes on its homepage: “Your chromosomes are made of DNA, which can tell you a lot about you. Explore your 23 pairs today. Find out what your DNA says about you and your family.” Intriguing? Curious? Exciting? You are not alone in thinking so. About a million […]

Is it Fair for Every Citizen to be Mandated to Perform National Public Service?

What exactly is meant by ‘National Public Service’? Any service whose impact is beneficial to the community at large within the country is deemed as National Service. This service is the primary function of the government to ensure betterment of the lives of people under its jurisdiction. Public services extend opportunities to all strata of society, protect the vulnerable, and improve […]

Should Everyone Have Universal Basic Income?

Shouldn’t every government believe that each of its citizens deserves a fair chance of leading a dignified life? Isn’t it the duty of the elected officials to take care of the poor and those under the poverty line who can’t even meet their basic expenses? The government can decide to extend a helping hand and ensure that nobody in the […]

Why the Minimum Wage Should be $15 per Hour for All Americans

Raising the minimum wage has become a hot topic of debate in the US. As per a report from the Economic Policy Institute, increasing the federal wage to $15 per hour would increase the wages of 33.5 million workers by 2025 in the country. The boost in the wages of low-wage workers will lift the wages of workers by $2,800. […]

9 Amazing and Free Video Calling Tools

Video call meetings are vital for individuals or employees who are working in remote places. Video calling provides a platform where workers, stakeholders, as well as investors, can have a face to face communication with everyone else involved in the business. Various companies can accomplish their work in harmony and even get in touch with their customers in an efficient […]

Everything You Need to Know About Recreational Marijuana – Side Effects, Uses, Consumption

On an average, around 33 million Americans consume marijuana on a monthly basis according to a survey by Gallup. Without a doubt, it is the favorite street drug in the U.S. Recreational marijuana has been legalized in the following 11 states- California, Oregon, Vermont, Illinois, Washington, Massachusetts, Michigan, Colorado, Maine, Alaska, the District of Columbia and Nevada. Several other states are seriously […]

How to Spend Time at Home

Are you always at home the whole day or almost the entire week? Are you wondering what you can do to spend your time apart from sitting around and changing seats? Currently, it is advisable to avoid public places. You don’t have to get bored the whole day at home, below are some ways you could spend your time and […]

Strongest Alcoholic Drinks in the World

Overdosing on alcohol is not unheard of. A majority of us usually consume drinks having an alcohol percentage of 8 – 25%; or well, up to a maximum of 40%. It is extremely hard to come across any alcohol having an ABV [Alcohol by volume] of more than 40% at the local bars. This is because, the higher the ABV content, […]