9 Best Scary Short Stories to Give You the Chills!

Horror stories are not everyone’s cup of tea. They are liked by a special set of audience who wants to be scared the bejeezus out of them. A true horror lover will always want to read a scary book or novel especially on a rainy Saturday night or a long a dark winter night by the fireplace. The spooky feels and the creepy thrills will offer you a spine chilling factor whenever you start reading these stories. That being said, in this article, we are going to share some of the best scary short stories for you. However, if you’re easily scared, then advance with caution and at your own risk!

  1. Raphael written by Stephen Graham Jones

Source: Goodreads

This is the first one on our list as we think it is one of the creepiest horror stories available on the internet today. The story is based on a group of outsider kids when they meet each other near a lake and tell scary stories to each other. The stories uncover scary secrets, lies, and horrible truths. The scenes are penned in such a gripping way that, as a reader, you will be engulfed to every single page.

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  1. Click-Clack the Rattlebag by Neil Gaiman

Source: Litreactor

Well, almost every dark alley and stairs in this scary short story offers a spooky feeling. It feels like something is following you or someone is standing right behind you and you are not supposed to look back, but you cannot help looking back. That is exactly the feeling you are going to get once you start reading it. You know that you are not “supposed” to be afraid of the dark but that fear of an unknown entity crawling up on you will give out the creeps.

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  1. Small Horrors: A Collection of Fifty Creepy Stories by Darcy Coates

Source: Goodreads

Now, this is a collection of some of the spookiest horror stories you can lay your hand on. The best feature of this collection of stories is its variation which will provide you a constant urge to finish each story before you put the book down. This is one of those books that are just un-put-downable and we believe that this is one of them. The book comprises of some of creepiest stories full of twists and turns that will scare you while ensuring that you don’t feel mundane.

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  1. Please Momma by Chesya Burke

Source: Npr


If you are an avid reader of spooky horror stories or novels, then this short story is going to enthrall you. Well, even if you are not a horror fan, then too, we suggest you check out this short story that depicts a mom who is sick and her children suffering. What is the cause of the sickness? The truth is going to shock you.

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  1. The Third Bear by Jeff Vandermer

Source: Goodreads

Bears are not always cute as pandas and some of them can be really wild and vicious. The Third Bear is nothing close to a sweet Yogi Bear story. It is a gripping horror tale where you are going to find “intestines” quite a lot of times. We hope you are old enough to read some of the gruesome horrors depicted here.

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  1. Premium Harmony by Stephen King

Source: Goodreads


Now who is not aware of Stephen King, the king of horror? Almost everyone is. Stephen King is one of the most eminent writers of this century. That being said, if you still haven’t read Premium Harmony, then you are missing out a unique approach taken by this writer towards the horror genre. Once you start reading, you get to know that there cannot be anything wrong with his story. It is an enthralling approach towards the domestic disputes that unravels gradually and engulfs you.

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  1. The Dollmaster and Other Tales Of Terror by Joyce Carol Oates


Source: Amazon

Now, this one is a collection of 6 horrifying short stories coming straight from the imaginary world of Joyce Carol Oates. There is a young boy who loves to play with dolls instead of more manly figures. As he ages, his passion moves towards a darker edge and finally how does he turn out? There is a man who shoots a black boy dead creating media hype, but he claims it was on self-defense. How can that be? The next one portrays a woman trying to escape her husband because he says that he loves her but the woman is pretty sure that he wants to kill her.

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  1. Abraham’s Boy by Joe Hill

Source: Goodreads


If there is someone who is the true flagship bearer of Stephen King, then it is Joe Hill, and there is no doubt that he is a great horror writer. If you haven’t read Abraham’s Boy, then you’re seriously missing out on some scary fun. The story revolves around the eternal fear of someone being locked in the basement of a house and it goes on and on without making you feel less-intrigued even for a moment. Trust us, you will be craving to know what exactly happens toward the end.

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  1. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates

Source: Celestialtimepiece

This story apparently doesn’t seem to be scary when you start reading it. It simply revolves around a man named Arnold Friend who is driving to a girl’s house. He is going to ask her out to join him on a ride and it seems like there is nothing more to it. As you go on reading, the story gradually gets revealed and there is a lot more to it than anyone would have imagined. You will not be able to leave the story incomplete because as you go on, you shall start fearing Arnold.

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