Best CBD Gummies and Their Benefits [2022]

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a product found in Cannabis plants that have immense health benefits. This has led to the growing popularity of CBD products in the U.S. and around the world where it is legal to buy and consume them. One of the most convenient ways to intake CBD is in the form of gummies. They taste pretty good and are also effective at the same time. Let’s have a look at the best CBD gummies in the market and what benefits they offer.

CBD gummies are edible candies that consist of CBD oil. They are available in a rainbow of concentrations, shapes, colors, and flavors. Gummies offer an easy and discrete way to ingest CBD. Their popularity has soared over the recent years among nonusers and long-standing CBD users alike. As most of the CBD products haven’t been approved by the FDA, purity and strength can vary between brands. Hence, you need to make sure to check the specifications before settling for any brand.

Benefits of CBD Gummies

Manufacturers claim that CBD gummies are effective at relieving depression, anxiety, inflammation, and pain. These are also beneficial in improving the quality of sleep. These are easy to take and promise long-lasting relief. Here is a closer look at the benefits of using gummies.

  1. Easy to dose

The best thing about CBD gummies is that these are super easy to take. Most of the gummies come with clear information about the dosing. You will be aware of how much CBD is in a single serving or gummy.

The concentration of gummies varies from one brand to another. The standard dose is usually 25mg. Working with a smaller dose is great. Once you swallow a gummy, it takes about 30-60 minutes before it starts taking effect. This is entirely dependent on the metabolism of an individual and various other factors. Sucking the gummy for a couple of minutes kicks in the effect a little faster.

  1. Can help lower stress and anxiety

CBD is a great option for relieving anxiety and stress. While both stress and anxiety are normal reactions, they can be debilitating if they turn chronic. CBD can offer effective and quick relief from both anxiety and stress. High doses of CBD interact with serotonin receptors. These receptors for long have been targets of depression, anxiety, and stress treatments.

When activated by CBD, these receptors can help in stabilizing the mood and in reducing symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.  CBD also suppresses the uptake of certain chemicals in the brain.

  1. Can help fight inflammation

CBD possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties. CBD can ease inflammation such as colitis, gastritis, and IBD. For treating arthritis, using topical or CBD oil would be beneficial. This is because there is much flexibility when it comes to dosing. Topicals are just perfect for working on localized inflammation and pain.

  1. Offer long-lasting relief

CBD gummies promise long-lasting effects. CBD gummies take some time to break down and enter the system. This implies that the effect will last longer. Gummies are ideal for individuals suffering from chronic conditions and require long-lasting relief.

Best CBD Gummies to Buy in 2020

There is a myriad of options available when it comes to CBD gummies. Here are our top handpicked ones based on customer reviews, brand value, and customer support.

1. Fab CBD Chews


These gummies have been formulated from CBD isolates. This makes them a great option for individuals who want to avoid THC, which may cause a “high”. The best thing about these gummies is that they are non-GMO, vegan and made using natural flavors and colors. A package primarily consists of 30 gummies of 25mg CBD strength per gummy.

This gummy is processed in a facility that handles fish gelatin and soy. Hence, it may not be a great option for those with allergies. They are also packaged in a unit that handles tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, pistachios, and coconut.

 2. Joy Organics CBD Gummies



Joy Organics gummies are formulated using organic cane sugar and tapioca syrup. These are available in two flavors: strawberry lemonade and green apple. There are 30 gummies in a jar and each gummy consists of 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD. These are vegan, gluten-free and THC-free.

3. Pure Relief Hemp Gummies



These are some of the most potent gummies available in the market. There is a daytime and nighttime formula offered. Each pack consists of 30 gummies. These primarily contain CBD isolates and are a great option for people who need higher doses of CBD. Each gummy has a strength of 30mg.

4. PlusCBD Oil Gummies



This is yet another full-spectrum CBD product. These gummies are vegan and available in two flavors: citrus punch and cherry mango. These are made without using any artificial ingredients. These are gluten-free, non-GMO and soy-free. These are also ideal for people with allergies. You can purchase PlusCBD oil gummies either in 60-count or 30-count packages. The strength is 5mg of CBD per gummy.

5. Highland Pharms CBD Gummies



These gummies are loved by many for their great taste. Each jar consists of 20 pieces of different flavors. The CBD used is full-spectrum and available in natural flavors and colors. Organic ingredients have been used in formulating these gummies, and these are also gluten-free. People allergic to fish gelatin and soy may need to choose a different option. This is because it processed in a facility that manages these two ingredients.

6. CBDistillery Gummies



These gummies are ideal for people who haven’t tried any CBD products yet. Each gummy consists of 30mg of cannabidiol. A nighttime variety is also available. This is ideal for people suffering from sleep disorders. CBDistillery gummies have been US Hemp Authority certified. You can be assured that you are taking in high-quality ingredients while using these gummies.

7. Green Roads CBD Gummies

Green Roads offers a broad range of edibles including Fruit Bites, Froggies, Relief Toads and Relax Bears. CBD chocolate bars are also offered. The company uses effective methods for the extraction of CBD. All its products have been tested by third-party labs. The gummies are available in different concentrations, shapes, and flavors.

8. Penguin CBD Gummies


These gummies are delicious and shaped like worms. These are coated in a sour and sweet layer to minimize the bitter aftertaste experienced in most gummies. The products are sent to third-party labs for testing for potency and purity.

9. Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

These gummies have been formulated from domestically grown hemp. Each gummy consists of 10mg CBD; however, the taste may not be liked by all. These gummies taste medicinal but are made from quality ingredients. There is a vegan and non-vegan option to choose from.

10. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs gummies are made using organically farmed CBD products. The gummies are third-party tested for potency and purity. These gummies taste more or less like candies. You would be reminded of Sour Patch Kids while eating these gummies. These are available in different concentrations. You can choose a dose you are comfortable with. The downside is that these gummies are coated with artificial flavors and colors. The use of gelatin makes them undesirable for vegans. All Hemp Bomb products are isolate-based and hence a great option for those wanting to avoid THC.

In summary

There is no dearth of options when it comes to CBD gummies. You can go through the features of each product to decide which one would be the best option for you. It would be best to go for products that have been made using organic materials and have also been verified by third-party labs for their potency and purity. This will ensure that you are getting the best possible product for your money.

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