9 Amazing and Free Video Calling Tools

Video call meetings are vital for individuals or employees who are working in remote places. Video calling provides a platform where workers, stakeholders, as well as investors, can have a face to face communication with everyone else involved in the business. Various companies can accomplish their work in harmony and even get in touch with their customers in an efficient way.
Most importantly, video calling improves the relationship within the company since managers and employees can interact more effectively through video conversations. People are able to interact one on one and also read their body language making conversations more effective.

Nevertheless, all these are not possible without effective tools. The good news is that there are free video conferencing tools that are effective and efficient for business communication. Here we enlist the free video tools that organizations are using to communicate with everyone involved.

1. Zoom

Zoom allows people working in remote areas to hold effective conference meetings without any hindrance. It ensures that there are simple, easy, and regular setup meetings in any meeting room.
With zoom, you can create and share any private meeting link to your team or the person you intend to video call. You can as well link up with members residing in remote places.
Some of the features found in zoom include:
• Participants up to 100, 1-1 and group meetings
• Video and audio
• Screen sharing
• Scheduled meetings
• Private and group chat
• Host controls
• Unlimited meetings.

2. Google Hangouts

Google hangouts connect Google contacts of people or employees who are not in the conference network. It is useful for conversations done individually, team meetings, and even recorded demos. Google Hangouts can be used for both personal and business reasons.
Features found in Google hangouts are;
• Participants in video calls are up to 25
• Conversations take place in the video
• Audio, or messenger
• Meeting is video recorded
• You use Google calendar to join the calls
• Screen sharing feature

3. UberConference

UberConference video conferencing tool limits your video calls to 45 minutes. It works best for meetings that do not last long. Generally involves ten participants or less than that.
Could be used for recurring meetings because it allows unlimited video conferences. Very suitable for one to one briefings every month.
Top features in this tool include:
• Participants up to 10
• Unlimited conferences only
• Call recording
• HD audio
• The participants their screen and document
• Mobile apps

4. TrueConf Online

The tool offers a plan for up to three participants in video calls. It provides an excellent solution for teams or individuals who wants to host a simple video call with some small groups. There is a remote desktop controlled by those in support as they help the customers to solve problems.
Top free features found in this tool include:
• Up to 3 participants on team calls
• HD video
• Collaboration tools like screen sharing, remote desktop control, recorded calls, file transfer, and shared virtual whiteboard


Skype works well with small teams, comprising of only ten people. It is favorable for smaller group meetings that can be carried through by a video chat using a computer, phone, or tablet. Skype is specifically designed for online education through what is called Skype in the classroom.
Features found in Skype include:
• HD video calling
• Screen sharing
• Videos of up to 10 people
• Video call recording
• Interactive video calls and sharing of location

6. Free Conference

Free Conference is ideal for smaller teams or meetings, including fewer participants of five people. Holding a video conferencing by this tool is very easy. It is very simple to use since there are no downloads needed to start a video call. It ensures the meeting is on track since the individual running the video conference uses the moderator control.
Features in free conferencing include:
• Participants up to five
• Screen sharing
• Moderator control
• Text chat.

7. Slack Video Calls

Slack is used by individuals to make calls by clicking at the phone icon in any conversation. It allows the participants to ask their team mates quick questions at a conference.
You can start connecting with one individual as others join. The participants are only up to 15. It is suitable for teams that are looking for a supplementary video calling to other small teams.
Features involved in slack video calls are:
• participants up to 15
• Individual calls
• Messenger.

8. Facebook Live

Businesses and influencers find it very fit to use Facebook live to broadcast demos and even showcasing the culture of their company by streaming live. You can select a custom audience from the live chat and comments you are getting from your Facebook followers.
To gain some more excitement, you have to schedule your videos early enough.
Features found in Facebook live are as follows:
• Advanced scheduling
• Broadcasts done up to 4 hours
• Custom audiences.

9. YouTube Live

YouTube Live demonstrates products with live question and answers, just like Facebook live. Streaming of educational sessions to teach the targeted audience by screen sharing or using a whiteboard. You can even hold a live chat with your team members.
Some of the top free features found in YouTube live are;
• Three-stream quality options which include normal latency, low latency, and ultra-low latency.
• Advanced scheduling
• Live automatic captions
• Location tags
• Private live streams that people can access by use of links
• Live questions from the audience
• Added delay.

It is wise to carefully evaluate the state of any video conferencing tool before you consider the one that suits you and your team. With the competitive changes in the market, video conferencing ensures you stay focused on the exact amendments. Apart from the video conferencing giving people the ability to share their screens wherever they are, it has also improved the non-verbal communication skills.

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