Should We Put an End to Monarchy all over the World?

If you were asked to name all the existing monarchical countries of today, how many can you think of? Britain, yes. The Middle Eastern countries, right. And…? Well, there are exactly 44 sovereign states with a monarch as its head! In most cases, these kings/queens are only nominal heads and do not exercise much power. However, there are absolute monarchs […]

Entrepreneur Katy Berrill Nominated for Prestigious National Business Award

Katy Berrill, founder of KCS Compliance and Bid and Tender Support, in the running for National Business Women’s Award Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom — 11/09/20 — The National Business Women’s Awards are an annual event that honours businesswomen making waves in their industries. Honours are awarded in 19 separate categories, and the candidates and nominees are assessed by an expert panel […]

Your DNA Should Not Be Up For Sale

The Company 23andMe that became an overnight sensation with its DNA testing kit writes on its homepage: “Your chromosomes are made of DNA, which can tell you a lot about you. Explore your 23 pairs today. Find out what your DNA says about you and your family.” Intriguing? Curious? Exciting? You are not alone in thinking so. About a million […]

It’s Time to Ban Plastic Bags for Good

As Greta Thunberg prepares to return to school after a yearlong crusade for climate protection, we can safely say that the war is far from over. In fact, we are still in the initial stages of the battle for a safer environment as activists all over the world are still baffled by the overwhelming lack of awareness among common citizens […]

Is it Fair for Every Citizen to be Mandated to Perform National Public Service?

What exactly is meant by ‘National Public Service’? Any service whose impact is beneficial to the community at large within the country is deemed as National Service. This service is the primary function of the government to ensure betterment of the lives of people under its jurisdiction. Public services extend opportunities to all strata of society, protect the vulnerable, and improve […]

Should Everyone Have Universal Basic Income?

Shouldn’t every government believe that each of its citizens deserves a fair chance of leading a dignified life? Isn’t it the duty of the elected officials to take care of the poor and those under the poverty line who can’t even meet their basic expenses? The government can decide to extend a helping hand and ensure that nobody in the […]

Why Celebrities Often Tend to Fail Their Political Careers?

A career switch, especially for popular celebrities, is not unheard of. Not just here in the U.S., celebrities across the world have lent their faces to other businesses to advance their opportunities of income – from opening restaurant chains and fashion lines to writing magazine columns. Success has not eluded them either. Whether it is Victoria Beckham’s entry into the […]

Should Abortion Be Banned?

It has been a century-long debate whether abortion should be banned or should be left as a choice of the women who have conceived. Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy that results either purposely or spontaneously. Several developed nations have legally allowed termination of pregnancies. The issue of legalization of abortion has always been surrounded by controversies. Some are […]

Where Will the Next Billion Internet Users Come From?

As of today, we think that almost everyone in the world has direct access to the Internet. However you’ll be surprised to know that billions of people still don’t have any continuous access to the Internet. But on the brighter side, this fact is changing and also at quite a rapid pace – thanks to the merging of trends across […]