10 Things You Can Fix at Home by Watching DIY Videos

Are you bored just sitting around at home? Are you wondering what to do to make you busy? Well, there are a lot of things you can do by yourself at home without having to call for repair experts.

Be an expert yourself and start fixing things around the house, watching DIY videos can help a great deal. Read on to see some of the things you can fix at home by just watching DIY videos.

1. Holes in Clothes

Do you have those clothes that you like, but you can’t wear because they have holes? Well, worry no more because there are DIY videos on how you can mend holes in cloths by just using an iron box in only 30 minutes! Great right?

Now you can fix all those holes in your favorite clothes. There is no need to spend your money going to the tailor anymore. The only hiccup is that this DIY cannot work on woolen fabrics and light ones like siphons.

There are also some DIY’s that will help you fix your torn jeans. You can do this with just hand sewing and using a scrap fabric that matches the color or your jeans.

There are, though, other decorative mending ideas you can try to add style and color to your jeans. The choice is entirely yours.

2. Fix Broken Jewelry

Are you having a watch that you love so much, but it’s broken? Or the battery died, but you have not had the time to replace it? Well, there are DIY videos that can guide you on what to do.

Just in a few minutes, you will have your watch working and classy again.

These videos can also help you fix that piece of jewelry that you love so much but got broken. You don’t need expensive tools or any new spare parts, so there is no hustle walking around in stores trying to find the right piece to match.

3. Smoke Alarm

Did your smoke alarm stop working all of a sudden, and you don’t know why and how you can fix it? Please do not panic and don’t go rushing to get a new one; it is probably full of dust and smoke particles.

Search for DIY videos that will guide you on how to clean or replace the batteries. By doing this, your smoke alarm will be back to normal and look brand new again.

4. Broken Furniture

It could be you have some faulty furniture, and you have been keeping it, planning to take it to the repair shop. Find DIY videos that can guide you into fixing the furniture yourself.

You can also add some effects to make it look glamorous and brand new. At this time, you also fix your broken headboard or even make a new one, once you start, the morale kicks in, and you won’t want to stop.

5. Coffee Machine

Are you a coffee lover, and recently have been having those taunting headaches because your coffee maker is nonfunctional? Are you tired of heading down to the coffee shop every day to get a mug of coffee?

Well, the good news is, you can fix your coffee machine by yourself. All you need is to watch some DIY videos for guidance, and you will be back to making your coffee in an instant. Become a genius on your own and brag about it to your friends.

6. Nails

For ladies, this is the favorite, you are at home with broken or chipped nails, and you are stressed on what to do because there are the lock-down and curfews. You can celebrate this because there are DIY videos that will guide you on how you can make your nails look like those of a celebrity again.

To get this satisfaction, you don’t need a nail artist or your salon. All you need is you and your nail products, and just in a few minutes, you will be shining all the way.

7. Hair

It does not mean that because you are home the whole day, your hair should be messy and unkempt. During this time, you can learn new hairstyles and make your hair look amazing.

Try out those amazing techniques by watching some DIY videos. With all your hair products at home, you can make this work, and afterwards, you will rarely go back to the salon to do your hair, you will have hit the jackpot.

8. Cooker and Oven

Some cookers can stop working effectively after a while; they tend to burn slowly and produce soot. Sometimes it could be your oven suddenly stops working, or whenever you use it, it burns your food even with regulated temperatures. You don’t need to call the tech guy or carry your cooker back to the store. You can fix it yourself by the guidance of some DIY videos with just the tools or items you have at home. After you are through, you will realize it was a minor thing.

9. Light Switch

Light switches can be a real headache sometimes. They can stop working, and you wonder if the bulb is faulty, you change the bulb, but the switch is not working still. Maybe you have that switch in your house that stopped working, and you haven’t had the time to call an electrician to come and fix it.

Your free time at home could be the best time to become an electrician yourself. All you need to do is follow every step of the DIY video on the internet, and you might find out what the problem is and fix it.

10. Extension Cable

If your extension cable is not working correctly, maybe whenever you touch it, everything goes off without switching the power off. Then it means it needs fixing, the problem could be minor, and there is no need to take it to the store for fixing.

DIY videos can help you fix it, giving you a step by step guidance. Before you start fixing it, remember to get the extension out of the socket and work away from the power source. Doing this will ensure your safety from electrocution.

Technology has made life easier nowadays; anyone can pretty much do anything, no experience or degree required. If you are looking to fix or build anything from scratch, all you need is your phone or your computer. Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring anymore; you have many options to make it fun and enjoyable.

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