Ken Calvert Looks Out of District for campaign dollars

Ken Calvert’s Out-of-District Cash differs broadly from his In-District Contributions

Rep. Ken Calvert takes some of his money from inside his congressional district, California’s 42nd. But a fair amount of Ken Calvert’s campaign cash...
mind your own business act

Alan Grayson Introduces Amendment To Defund Military Spying Against Americans

Alan Grayson has introduced an amendment that would defund the military's National Security Agency surveillance programs that spy on the private activities of hundreds...
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Raul Grijalva Blasts Obama For Gigantic Military Spying Network Targeting Americans

Raul Grijalva says is not comfortable with Barack Obama's suggestion that the country move on and ignore the military spying targeted by the NSA...
CHURCH Act cosponsorship, from the 111th to the 113th Congress

Louie Gohmert’s CHURCH Act Fizzles in 2013

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas has rallied every year since 2009 to get his CHURCH Act recognized by the U.S. Congress. In this case,...
dianne feinstein big brother

Feinstein Ignores Reality To Justify PRISM Big Brother

The defenders of PRISM are asking us to trade our liberty for a Homeland Security system that doesn't work. It's a rotten deal.
telephone surveillance

Barack Obama Forces Verizon To Turn Over Private Telephone Records Of Millions Of Americans

Members of the U.S. Senate say that the only thing we can do to deter the small number of terrorists who very rarely attempt...
wyoming senator

Why Is A Wyoming Senator Campaigning In Florida?

In return for access to Mike Enzi during his Caribbean vacation, lobbyists and corporate representatives will be giving money to the Making Business Excel...

Liberal Tom Harkin Endorses Sometime Conservative Bruce Braley

Tom Harkin has endorsed the less-than-consistently-liberal Bruce Braley in the upcoming campaign for his U.S. Senate seat.
bad economics

DeFazio Deflates The Bad Economics Of The Chained CPI

"So we cut benefits for 100 percent of seniors retiring now and in the future, and Social Security would last 2 years longer. That...
crime in schools

School Crimes Are Down, So Why Hire More Cops In Schools?

Why, if school crime is down, and federal financial support for schools is down as well, would Congress want to encourage schools to spend...