pure paul mitchell

Michigan’s Pure PAC Is Pure Vanity

Apparently, Paul Mitchell and his personal committee think that pure democracy is for suckers.
congress chris smith religion

Smith Protests Religious Inequality In China, But Ignores It In The USA

Representative Chris Smith seems to have a double standard when it comes to religious freedom. He demands that foreign countries grant freedom of religion,...
nick casey coal elk river pollution

Nick Casey Would Increase Likelihood Of Environmental Disasters In West Virginia

Nick Casey is pretending that there isn't any pollution problem with the coal industry in West Virginia. He's seeking to make it even easier...
american principles fund carpet baggers

The American Principles Of Corruption And Intrusion

The American Principles Fund isn't based in Oregon, either. The headquarters of the American Principles Fund is thousands of miles away, in Washington D.C.,...
republican energy efficiency

Senate Republicans Vote To Keep On Wasting America’s Energy

Almost every Republican in the U.S. Senate voted yesterday to block S. 2262, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, from being voted on....
religious discrimination

For Frank Wolf, Religious Freedom Is For Foreigners, Not Americans

When it comes to religious discrimination, Congressman Frank Wolf has a harsh double standard: He wants the U.S. government to oppose religious discrimination when...
christian theocracy

Congress Fails To Speak Out Against Religious Discrimination In Greece, New York

Since the Greece v. Galloway ruling, not one single member of Congress has spoken out in protest against the new regime of Christian discrimination...
andy barr bourbon

Andy Barr Drowns Himself In Bourbon

Politics is about setting priorities. Andy Barr's priorities seem to be found in bourbon.
tim walberg discrimination

Walberg Claims That Atheism Leads Inevitably To Dictatorship

In Congressman Walberg's view, Americans are either Christians, or they are enemies of democracy. Will Walberg's constituents accept this limited perspective, and re-elect him...
Ken Calvert Looks Out of District for campaign dollars

Ken Calvert’s Out-of-District Cash differs broadly from his In-District Contributions

Rep. Ken Calvert takes some of his money from inside his congressional district, California’s 42nd. But a fair amount of Ken Calvert’s campaign cash...