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  1. Below is a statament that is published on this website. I was unable to find where I could respond to this. I would suggest that whoever this Congress Watcher is should go to Justin’s website at and get Justins whole stances on these issues not just bits and pieces of what YOU believe to be the truth. If you are going to post something about a candidate you best be sure you have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So Help you GOD!!

    Betty Sutton Challenged By Right Wing Democrat
    Posted on December 8 2009 by Congress Watcher .Justin Wooden is in favor of making abortion illegal. He wants to repeal the 17th amendment to the Constitution, taking away the right of voters to elect their own U.S. Senators. He favors cutting foreign aid.

  2. Hey

    I do not want socialized healthcare and if the boys and girls that work for us are telling us, that is what President Obama’s bill is trying to do, or if they (being the officials in the House and Senate) are trying to tell us this. Either they are lying to us or they themselves are on socialized health care. We, the people, need to look at it this way.  We are just like any major company in America, we really are the largest of all the companies.  You get the same healthcare as the people that you are paying get.  So, we need to look at it this way.  People understand this, we are paying the men and women of the House and Senate and they have the best heath care that our, yes our money can buy.  So don’t you think that since the people of the the USA, (the bosses yes) because we pay the entire government personal, every person that does anything.  From weeding the gardens to being the President and every one in between, works for us.  So don’t you think that we should also get healthcare?  I mean we are the bosses.  They all work for us, we pay all of them.  Don’t you think the bosses should get healthcare too?  That is the way it works in any American business.  The workers, their families the boss his family, they all get health care.  Get it?  We are the bosses.  We deserve healthcare.  Just like the bosses of every large company in the country.  So when some person call country wide healthcare socialistic they are wrong. 

  3. Hmm. You must be “progressives” judging by these obviously biased definitions. Is “yeehaw” a technical term?

    Progressive Action: support for legislation in the promotion of freedom, knowledge and security. Freedom is achieved when constitutional protections are respected and when people are treated with equality under law. Knowledge is pursued through rigorous support for science and education. Security comes from the protection of environmental resources, the strengthening of economic opportunity for people and the preservation of peace from erosion by wasteful, destructive militarism.

    Regressive Action: a pattern of legislative behavior that erodes freedom, knowledge and security. When constitutional protections are disregarded, when discrimination under law is fostered, when the pursuit of knowledge is abandoned and science overruled, when wealth for a few matters more than prosperity for all, and when “Yeehaw” becomes the articulation of foreign policy, our nation is headed in a direction that is not only morally wrong but self-destructive.

  4. “Your Mom,” who told you:

    a) that involvement in discussing politics should be limited to technicians?


    b) that in order to be independent of a political party one must be bereft of ideas and policy preferences?

  5. I do think that discussing politics should be left to the informed, and I must have misunderstood “politically independent” for “independent of bias.”

    I guess I am just upset over the regressive actions of this current administration. I wish the federal government would stop stealing the fruits of my labor for ill-managed, mass entitlement programs just to create a class of dependents to pad their voting base. It is sad that these poor people, I can only guess out of desperation and/or a blind belief in the benevolence of those in power, don’t even see that they are being politically enslaved. America needs to peacefully divide into two countries, or just send those with the liberal leanings to the countries that have already instituted their preferred policies (e.g., Canada, France, England, Spain, Sweden, Cuba, Venezuela).

  6. If ideas and opinions are “biases,” then nobody interested in politics is without bias.

    You”ve moved on to calling this website uninformed. This claim can be empirically assessed. Would you care to identify a particular piece of information we’ve shared that is incorrect?

  7. YM, on the one hand, you’re claiming to stand against political enslavement, and on the other hand, you’re calling for the deportation of people you have political disagreements with. Do you see a conflict between those two positions?

  8. Could you explain what’s warped about our definition? We’re not affiliated with the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. We don’t work for any political candidates, we’re not corporate PR agents or lobbyists. We create the site independently, according to our independent vision, rather than an effort to support any politicians or organizations. What exactly is warped about this definition of being independent?

  9. Let’s see… “Progressive Action: support for legislation in the promotion of freedom, knowledge and security. Freedom is achieved when constitutional protections are respected and when people are treated with equality under law. Knowledge is pursued through rigorous support for science and education. Security comes from the protection of environmental resources, the strengthening of economic opportunity for people and the preservation of peace from erosion by wasteful, destructive militarism.”

    Now, does that sound off to anyone else? “Freedom is achieved when constitutional protections are respected…. “… I have see the exact opposite out of progressives, yet it’s in your definition of “progressive”? “Strengthening of economic opportunity for people”… again, I have seen the exact opposite from progressives. Nearly all of this definition is skewed, or just plain false.

    Now on to your “conservative” (aka regressive, as the terms are interchangeable in your view, apparently…) definition:

    “Regressive Action: a pattern of legislative behavior that erodes freedom, knowledge and security. When constitutional protections are disregarded, when discrimination under law is fostered, when the pursuit of knowledge is abandoned and science overruled, when wealth for a few matters more than prosperity for all, and when “Yeehaw” becomes the articulation of foreign policy, our nation is headed in a direction that is not only morally wrong but self-destructive. ”

    I don’t even need to point out anything here… it’s just all wrong and some of it is even offensive. Either this site is just a complete joke, or you have your head so far up your ass that you actually believe this crap. I mean, if you wanted people to actually buy what you are trying to sell here, you might have made some attempt to hide your bias.

  10. Leanne, you need to consider an entire sentence, and not just take out phrases as if they were complete sentences. The complete sentence you quote only in part in your second paragraph, for example, is “Security comes from the protection of environmental resources, the strengthening of economic opportunity for people and the preservation of peace from erosion by wasteful, destructive militarism.” The phrase you’re attempting to refute isn’t just about whether progressives value economic opportunity in general. Please look at it again.

    As for bias, we don’t claim to be without bias. That would be a ridiculous claim. Everyone has a bias. We claim to be independent, and we are.

  11. Leanne, you need to consider an entire sentence, and not just take out phrases as if they were complete sentences. The complete sentence you quote only in part in your second paragraph,

  12. Leaving them in the sentence doesn’t change the fact that they go against what “progressives” are trying to do. They’re just items listed in sentence form, the other items on the list don’t change the meaning.

    And I can say fair enough on that. I may laugh at the description … but I can see how some progressives may *think* they are creating economic opportunity, I do like to think the best of people despite their actions.

    But what of the other description? I mean, if you’re going to be taken seriously, you should offer a believable description for “conservative” (minus the snide use of “regressive”). The current description just makes you look like a bigoted asshole, quite frankly… what happened to people being treated with equality?

    And you claim to be “politically independent”… which you very obviously aren’t. If you claim to be independent, then you should be avoiding as much bias as possible. We all know that bias is bound to show through, but you’re making no attempt to hide it here. Which, I suppose is a good thing. Those with any level of intelligence will see through you very quickly.

  13. If you’re going to continue carrying on about this, Leanne, look up the definition of the word “independent” in the dictionary. Merriam Webster:


    1 : not dependent: as a (1) : not subject to control by others : self-governing (2) : not affiliated with a larger controlling unit b (1) : not requiring or relying on something else : not contingent (2) : not looking to others for one’s opinions or for guidance in conduct (3) : not bound by or committed to a political party”

    American Heritage Dictionary:


    1. Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.

    2. Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant: an independent mind.

    3. Not determined or influenced by someone or something else; not contingent: a decision independent of the outcome of the study.

    4. Affiliated with or loyal to no one political party or organization.”

    Being independent does not mean not having political preferences. Being independent means not being dependent. We are not dependent upon any political party. We have no relationship of patronage or succor from or to any political party. As a matter of observable fact, we regularly criticize members of both political parties in the Congress.

    But we have ideas and preferences, Leanne — ideas and preferences you may disagree with. You’ve got us there.

    If you continue to be upset that That’s My Congress is independent in the sense of the actual definition of the word and not independent in your own imagined sense of the word, Leanne, then there’s not really much we can do about that.

  14. The war in afghanistan is for drugs and Iraq for oil. Are Both the work of Israeli control over congress and whitehouse?. Am I correct? Can capitalism survive without wars? Is the real enemy within?Whatt a mess we have made of this great country?

  15. This is the MOST one-sided, biased website I have ever seen. It ranks up there with MSNBC, Media Matters, and Huff Po. I like how you put all of the Democrats, especially the Communist-crook Maxine Watters, as Promise-Keeping Constitution defenders, and ALL Republicans as Oath Breakers. This website is a sham. A lying piece of filth. I am neither Democrat nor Republican, so it is easy to not step in the bull crap that this site provides a plethora of. It has a great database of candidates but is extremely lazy and not trustworthy. Hire some researchers and journalists and not have an agenda and MAYBE I will visit your website again. Peace!

  16. Chris, we call it like we see it, and if you’d care to look at our articles, you’d see that we have written plenty in strong criticism of Democratic members of Congress and Democratic congressional candidates. None of our writers are registered as Democrats or Republicans.

    Of course, independents come in many varieties, and your use of the term “Communist” gives us a good clue of your perspective.

  17. An “independent voice”? Really?

    I guess words don’t mean anything to liberals anymore. Everything on your site praises the liberal/progressive/marxist and condemns the conservative/constitutional/libertarian.

    Look up this definition: decieved.

  18. What do you think independent means?

    You post election buttons next to candidate pictures that say things like, “John Kline is Asinine” for Republicans and “Re-Elect Keith Ellison for US Congress” for Democrates. Does this fit in your definition of ‘independent’? More specifically, you call for action for liberal positions and against conservative ones.

    Here is a REAL definition for ‘independent’: “Not subject to bias or influence” – from Webster’s 1828 dictionary. You are political hacks…not “an independent voice on campaigns & legislation”. Why can’t liberals ever admit there bias??

    Next to Tim Waltz (D) the button says, “re-elect”. Next to Bachman (R) it says, “too kooky for congress”. Next to Cravaak (R): “he lost my vote”. Next to McCollum (D): “I’m with Betty”.

    You are not independent by any definition.

    BTW, ‘deceived’ is a word and it is in Webster’s 1828 dictionay also: “Misled; led into error; beguiled; cheated; deluded.”

    So is ‘deceiver’: One who decieves; one who leads into error.

    I will say this, info you pull together on individual legislators is helpful.

  19. You conveniently leave out the numerous articles in which we congratulate Republicans on their actions or criticize Democrats. You leave out the articles in which we advocate for the defeat of Democrats in elections. You also leave out the merchandise in which we oppose Democratic candidates.

    To be independent is not to take no position. Of course we have ideas and positions. We work independently of party, we think for ourselves, we are not members of the Democratic or Republican Party, and we take money from neither. This is in line with the first three definitions of the word “independent” in the Random House Dictionary:

    1. not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself: an independent thinker.
    2. not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free: an independent businessman.
    3. not influenced by the thought or action of others: independent research.

    Thank you for your kind words on our descriptions of bills.

  20. Sure you criticize Dems when they vote more conservatively and praise RINOS when they act like liberals. By your definition, you are only independent from the Democratic party.

    Your site absulutely has an agenda that goes unstated. But that’s what liberals do.
    National Organization for [Liberal] Women
    American [Anti] Civil Liberties Union
    Alliance for Democracy (Totalitarianism]
    Democracy In Action [Decline]
    Citizens for Tax Justise [Marxist Redistribution]
    [Biased] Media Matters
    People for the American [Marxist] Way
    National Education [Teacher Employment, Benefits, Early Retirement, Healthcare for Life, Full Pay for 9 Months of Work, Tenure, Job Security, What Students?] Association

    So call yourself a politically independent liberal/progressive/marxist voice. That would be more intellectually honest. But then again, if ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, et al believe they are an ‘independent voice’, I guess you’re in good company.

    Enjoy the charade!

  21. Jeff, we have particular opinions. All people do. We are independent, because we are unaffiliated with any political party or organization.

  22. But your opinion affects how you present your information. Therefore, you are not independent–according to how you are presenting your “independence”–but rather ‘subject to biase and influence’ according to Webster.

    Not taking money from the DNC doesn’t make you “independent”.

    You are “A politically biased journal of the campaigns and legislation of the United States Congress.” Just admit it.

  23. It’s obvious that we have ideas. Most people who write about a subject have ideas about that subject. Having ideas leads to their expression. And we remain independent in a number of senses as we’ve already explained.

  24. Jeff, according to your standards, nobody is independent. Every single person who pays attention to congressional politics has an opinion about it.

  25. Just FYI:

    de·ceived de·ceiv·ing
    Definition of DECEIVE
    transitive verb
    1archaic : ensnare
    2a obsolete : to be false to b archaic : to fail to fulfill
    3obsolete : cheat
    4: to cause to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid
    5archaic : to while away
    intransitive verb
    : to practice deceit; also : to give a false impression
    — de·ceiv·er noun
    — de·ceiv·ing·ly \-ˈsē-viŋ-lē\ adverb
    See deceive defined for English-language learners »
    See deceive defined for kids »

    You’re certainly entitled to you ideas, but you’re only deceiving yourselves by calling your site independent. So no one there is registered as a Democrat or Republican? Cool beans. Maybe you all live in one of the 34 states that either don’t track voter registration or allow unaffiliated voters to particiapte in primaries…or maybe you don’t vote. Maybe the 3 major political divisions should rename themselves: liberals can be called Marxists, conservatives can be called fascists, and so-called independents can be called what they really are, cowards. I can definitely say you guys give most politicans a run for their money(excuse me, worthless fiat currency) when it comes to double-talk. You’re as “independent” as Rush Limbaugh is liberal. So I’ve taken the liberty to rewrite your website in the interest of truth:

    A politically biased journal of the campaigns and legislation of the United States Congress.

  26. Raise the debt limit. Put your own interest aside and do your job speaking for all of the people not your rich friends. Do not undermine President Obama. Cut the tax cuts for the rich not medicare for the old, college for the young men and women or programs for the poor.

    Shame on you, I’m ashamed for us all renew my faith in the USA!

  27. As an “independent”, I can’t say I disagree with much of what the other comments are saying. For everything I viewed you take a very liberal stance. Given, I agree with some of those within reason (some of your environmental stuff, anything you say about the poorly named Patriot Act, as examples). However, reason is the key. Too many of those commenting here are quickly jumping to the fringes (right and left). You’re both wrong.

    1. Most couldn’t care about abortion ( I hate abortion, but support federally funded as a fiscal decision).
    2. Teach evolution in schools for crying out loud. If it is just so stupid, why are you worried about your precious Christian learning about heresy?
    3. However, you can’t actually expect everyone to take your view of environmental protectionism Libs/Progressives (different words for the same thing). I’m all for protecting the environment while maintaining a certain ability to grow business. Stop trying to force bad technologies. Sinking a lot of money to fun 1% of electricity for bad solar cells or wind is dumb. A short term gain on selling to other countries will happen through free enterprise if it makes sense (it’s called a profit). Invest 10% of that same amount of money in research ONLY. You’ll reap the benefits in a LOT of different ways. 4.My god everyone. We spend too much on defense. Yes, tea baggers, it’s the only thing the Constitution….blah blah blah. I don’t think the Constitution said anything about 1 million troops in Europe alone.
    5. Libertarians. Seriously? Completely cut the Department of Education? Would you like us to go back to segregation too? WTH?
    6. Gay marriage. I really couldn’t care less either way. Can we stop arguing over a tiny percent of the population and just make it legal? Be prepared for the polygamists to ask for their day in court after it, however.

    As for Dori, grow up. They aren’t undermining President Obama. Just like no one was undermining President Bush. Go read some more history. A.J. Langguth has a great book you should read titled “Patriots: The Men Who Started the American Revolution”. Guess what, Madison, Franklin, Jefferson, and almost everyone else from Boston bickered, argued, and quarrelled.

    Many call out that current government is in GRIDLOCK, or that those “tea baggers” are the real terrorists. Personally, I love the way it is right now. The House being lead by one party, and the Whitehouse by another with a near perfect mix in the Supreme Court. They’re called checks and balances, and the “heated and ugly” debates are exactly what is needed because we are going down the wrong path. WE ARE SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY (guess what, more than all those millionaires and billionaires have even if we tax at 100%) Should we raise taxes? No. Should we close tax loopholes? YES. Do we have a choice on raising the debt limit? No. Should be drastically cut spending? YES. Should those two have been tied together? Yes and No. No, because they shouldn’t be related. It’s extortion. However, without it do you think any of the spendthrifts in Washington (Repubs or Dems) would do what needs to be done? No, and judging by the vote today they STILL didn’t. Go read “The Moment of Truth” from the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility. Then let’s talk. After we reform (I hate this use of the word) Entitlements, let’s talk again. Before you open your ignorant mouth on that one, think about your kids and grand kids. Stop. Think about those kids again. OK….go.

  28. “Republicans Try To Outlaw In Vitro Fertilization
    Posted on May 10 2008by Congress Watcher
    Anyone who is aware of the present day issues surrounding fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization realizes that giving a fertilized egg all the legal protections of a person from the moment a sperm breaks through the egg’s cell membrane is absurd. It doesn’t take a genius to see that H.R. 4157 could never be practically applied without creating some extremely bizarre consequences. Yet, 56 members of Congress are apparently not bright enough to understand these problems.”

    So this is your idea of pretending to be a “Politically independent journal…..?

    I DON’T THINK SO – YOU ARE JUST LIKE SNOPES AND ALL THOSE NON-BIASED HACKS! Does anyone know where to get a true assessment of a legislator’s conservative/liberal rating?


  29. It seems we have a lot in common. My name is Olivia Freeman and I am your congressional candidate for Ohio’s 7th District. Please join me in deposing Steve Austria or Mike Turner, should there indeed be a primary. I believe in Jobs through new businesses, Education through using technology to improve content integration, Energy Independence realizing we are the keepers of the planet first and foremost, and Taxes. I agree with one writer who pointed out that we much get rid of any legislator who votes to cut food for children and increases income for billionaires. As a former military person, my strategy for winning is based on the fact that as marketer, I know the opponents’ tactics.
    To the Republicans: I know you have been betrayed. You were told, the laws you helped pass were to help you… but it was actually to help those way above you. You were duped and you are the angriest bunch of us all. For that, we will gather together and take them down.
    For Independents: Neither party really does it for you. But look at what I stand for. These are common sense items that are good for the people, no matter what flavor. This is something you can get behind because I want to protect the liberty and freedoms without stamping my beliefs on the issue. I believe we have just about enough programs already. We just have to let the people know what programs we have. WIA pays $16,200 for 2 years of college, all over the country, I hear. That needs to be on billboards.
    Fellow Democrats: no matter how you feel about our president, now is the time to stick together. We agree that Washington has lost touch with the people. So help me get more people to vote in 2012. With the shenanigans coming down the pike for voting, we need your help in getting out the vote just as we did before.
    Let me say to you all… we are in the American Revolution Part II. The first time we were fighting for Self Determination. This is the same issue. The top 4 industry leaders are our kings now, and if they have their way we will simply be sources of revenue for them, like batteries. They will complete their vision and control what we eat, where we live, what we know, how we work… you name it. They will control it, right down to how many and of what kind of babies we have and when. This AMRev II is the turning point for our nation. We must have more congressmen who are “earthlings” instead of “worldlings”. As long as the 20% of the people have all the money.. we must remember as 80% of the people without, we still do all the work and there is our power.

  30. I understand that everybody has a bias. I am biased towards conservatism. it is evident by your definitions that you are biased towards american liberalism. However, it is not okay to portray democrats as having more respect for peoples rights. Many stances that republicans take are based on peoples rights
    amendment 2: Right to bear arms, supported by republicans, only opposed by some democrats

    also, you say that republicans support legislation that discriminates against minorities. This is untrue. Democrats produce legislation that favors minorities over whites (affirmitive action.) republicans want all people to have the same set of rules. Democrats believe that minorities need laws and special priveledges to combat racism in society. Again, I understand they have a noble cause, they want minorities to get equal job oppurtunities, but legislation like this is unintentionally racist. Peoples should not be grouped by ethnicity by government, it should not recognize groups only individuals.

    Please, change some of your definitions for what makes a conservative and liberal score. Liberal is bigger government, and conservative is smaller government. People will have more respect for your website. And I do understand there are some republicans (Mccain, John) who don’t give a shit about peoples rights, but thats a very small percent of the republican party. If you want to keep your current liberal and conservative score factors, at least change the title to republican and democrat score. True conservative represents none of the things you mentioned.

    Also do not confuse classic liberalism (known as libertarianism – see republican ron paul) for social liberalism (our current definition of liberalism)

    Thank you!

  31. Hi,

    I appreciate your scoring system. This way I’ll know what candidates are the most conservative so I can vote for them. It must be a weird world that you live in to think that a good goverment is one that takes care of over want and need that you have. The same people who hate authority figures would gladly give all of their freedom away to any politician with a D behind their name. Very sad.

  32. Independent? …. You must be joking. Regarding Congressman Hurt’s voting record regarding H.R. 471. Catholic schools educate kids at half the cost of public schools with far superior results. That’s a FACT. Check your ‘facts’ before writing more drivel. That’s why Robert Wilson, an ATHEIST … gave millions to support Catholic schools; for this very reason.

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  34. Hello: I am trying to obtain a list of the Members whom belong to the Congressional Georgia Caucus. Can you please advise?

  35. This website is NOT independent. Stop lying to people!!!!
    Each time I am researching this site comes up. I always give it a go and get 10% in before I realize there is an agenda here! Another agenda!!!! UGH!

    My momma didn’t raise no foo’, people.

    Just be honest, That’s My Congress. We are so sick of everyone’s agenda. I’ll be posting your site on my Facebook page to warn others that you are anything but an independent outlet. My left leaning friends will be warmly welcomed by your staff, I am sure.

  36. Stark, we are independent. We have no connection to any political party or organization.

    That doesn’t mean we don’t have opinions. They’re just independent opinions.

    I honestly don’t understand how you can be “so sick of everyone’s agenda”. Do you want everyone to stop having an opinion?

  37. More Education for teachers and principals. Arm teachers and Airline Pilots, Government office workers teach how to stop a criminal. If several of those teachers had got him from behind and tangled his feet up would have stopped him from killing so many. I would have been scared also. But one should not hide under a desk after the criminal left. That is the time to get him with a baseball bat or tangle his feet up from behind run into him and knock him over. They all need self defense training. My husband is retired Officer Dutch Wiley from Oklahoma City Police Department. The teachers need to carry a gun on their person not in their purse, like a small 22 in their bra. If they do not want to do this then do not hire them. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. All the schools are saying we will be having the police stop by more often. That will not stop this insanity
    Someone must be there to protect our children at all times. Hiring someone is too costly and
    the teachers are there and can be an asset in this respect.

    Now on this Physical Cliff thing. Cut pay from the top. Please stop sending money to foreign countries other than Israel. Tell them the deal is off we are broke. We can not send money that is backed by nothing and getting deeper in debt. Cut staff of all Congress and Senate and cut back on the top and cut government workers. Like they did during the Clinton administration. Stop all unnecessary spending. Do not make any more cuts to the Medicare Obama has already cut medicare and Social Security and Post Office and our Military. We hear that the Pentagon is nothing but a whore house. So I would start there and get some of our top heavy over paid workers out you can do better. The Post Office does an excellent job and never gets credit for any of it. They deliver our mail every day and through all kinds of weather. I do not see Fed EX or UPS delivering our letters. Some one else wants their job that is all. Anyone who makes $250,000.00 makes enough money to pay taxes so why are you protecting them from taxes.
    Also we need a train system that covers this country. We need to get the trucks off the highways.
    Put them to work delivering goods to businesses from the trains. They could be home every night and would not be running and ruining our highways. It would be so much more economical. We need a good train system that will take passenger anywhere at a reasonable price. To go anywhere on a train now is a novelty and and it cost too much money.
    We vote republican but have to be registered Democrat to vote for local people here in Oklahoma.
    Drew & Delores Wiley, of Wilburton, OK.

  38. I think we’d prefer it if you owned up to your obvious progressive slant. Most “independent” conservative and libertarian sites, like you, criticize “their” party’s politicians when they lurch left and commend the “other” party’s politicians when they turn right. And, yes, few to none of them officially affiliate with a party. But most of them own up to their ideological lean, whether directly or through trite ideological buzzwords (liberty, freedom, tradition, family, Christian values, etc.).

    It’s just nauseating to see people (mostly American center-leftists) pass off their opinions as “common sense” and “independent.” Say what you will about the European left, but at least the Marxists and their fellow travelers admit to their ideology (and they have their own trite buzzwords: anti-racist, fairness, equality, social justice). Now, after they get done classifying your ideological form they’ll try to deconstruct you as mentally ill or “falsely conscious,” which gets a little grating in the same way. But I can forgive that (the American right does the same thing).

    Really, what’s different is that no one takes those buzzwords seriously. Use one, and you’re instantly pegged on an ideological spectrum. What does the American center-left use? “Reason.” “Independence.” “Common sense.” “Progress.” Blink and you’ll miss it. I know I spent a good five minutes hunting in vain for a spark of moderation on this site because that’s what I unconsciously expected. We still take those words seriously since the ideas are so deeply relevant. It’s insidious, disgusting, borderline violative, almost Orwellian, but worse still, since it’s not the work of an easily externalized evil “Big Brother” state, but of a decentralized academic-civil service caste ethos that permeates, to greater or lesser degrees, the consciousness of every thinking man in our civilization. Ah! To be an enlightened critic of Enlightenment.

    And what’s the consequence of that? Remember the word “liberal”? Used to be we were all liberals. In a sense we still are. Who can be against “liberty” or “fairness”? Then the center-left got so trigger-happy bludgeoning us with it in their own irritatingly presumptuous Gregory Peckish way that, a few decades later, our own rather less refined propagandists managed to turn it back around. I can sympathize with America’s anti-intellectuals. When the soul finds no nourishment in the barren fields of Late Modern reason, what can it do but yearn for the shadow of what is lost and the wispy shade of what is yet to come? They certainly can’t do any worse like that than playing the sophist’s games that pass for discussion nowadays, with all our “self-evident” preconceptions only made so by decades of indoctrination. So yes, you can blame your own liberal triumphalism for the recent decay in public discourse. No. Your opinions aren’t “manifestly right,” they aren’t “common sense,” they aren’t somehow independent of the nasty ideology of the leftists and the Tea Partiers. And in saying so, you’re only turning reason into a partisan word and even, God forbid, a partisan issue. That can’t end well for any of us. No. Own your ideology. Please.

  39. Thank you for your site. I am starting a personal campaign to vote out of office all of the Representatives who voted against the Amash initiative to put the reigns on the NSA. I will paste this letter at the bottom of this comment I am writing.

    These reps gave the go ahead to the NSA to increase their spying activities and need to be fired. They want to track us now from the moment of birth throughout our lives and store it in the new giant computer vaults paid for with our tax dollars.

    They are already using “Roving bug” an application that allows them to turn on your cell phone even though you have it turned off, sitting on a table maybe next to your bed. Is anyone surprised that they are also pressing for X-box visual entry into our homes through our kids games? It’s time for action.

    Please join me and my fellow Countrymen and women. Here’s the letter to assist you. Change it or edit it as you like….

    Regarding the vote in the House of Representatives to allow the NSA to expand its
    surveillance on us.

    Each of us can change all of this. Have faith in your power and Start here..Copy this post and save it to send to others.

    We are going to Vote Out of office all of the Representatives who voted last week to let the NSA continue its foolishness. It’s easier to do than you think. Most of these reps have a Face Book page which is strategic in alerting voters to amass numbers against them in their districts. Please read on.

    Organize by sending this post to at least 5 solid friends and ask them make a commitment to go to the polls next year and vote against these Reps. Then ask your friends to send this along to 5 of their friends asking the same thing and so on and so on. These Reps names are on the web at

    Sending out 5 letters as described above, will get us nearly 50 million potential allies if it is sent down the line 10 times. One important thing; people in Washington count on the short memory span of voters, so form some kind of way of staying in touch with each other, lest you let the energy and commitment disappear. This project will show you your awesome power if you stay on target. Then on election day, move on them.

    Most of these Reps have a Face Book page where people of their district go to discuss things. Post these words to them about this particular Rep. Ask them to join you and commit to getting him or her out of office next year and also telling their friends. Be polite but firm, swear words tend to invalidate your opinion. I know that many of us are busy just making a living. But one posting each evening will be like money in the bank to you later. You are investing in your own well being, your ability to take a bully and throw that ignorant bully out of the House, your children will be proud of you and you will know that you didn’t run away from a fight that mattered to them.

    Once we’ve overthrown this batch of Reps at the polls, we can move on the Senators in their next election. The ones who voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, articles 1021 & 1022. It allows US citizens to be arrested without warrant, held in secret prisons and never brought to trial. The NSA will use this new law against us.

    It’s no longer about Dems vs Repubs. Start here with the Representatives. Congress will then get its wake-up call. Everything will begin changing for the better if you totally commit to this. Remember, if Paul Revere had put off the task given to him that cold dark evening and gone to sleep instead, we would not have these freedoms the NSA is attempting to remove from us right now. Rise up..
    Let this be your very own… “Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.”

  40. The US House and Senate Scorecard listings on this site are useful, even if the definitions show an anti-conservative bias. I don’t have a problem with that, though I do have a problem with the terms used to describe those in the middle (weakly liberal, the mushy middle, milquetoast conservatives) while those at the far end of the spectrum are “strong”. Really? Isn’t this at the heart of most of the problems with our government? The middle has been squeezed out, and this kind of characterization just legitimizes the poor representation that our current process provides.

    Alternatives should be considered.

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