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That’s My Congress isn’t just a political blog any more. That’s My Congress is now also a political card game in which players attempt to win control of a fantasy U.S. House of Representatives. It’s a new and unique game for hardcore political junkies, students of politics, fans of strategic games, and intelligent people who know how to mix their fun with a bit of learning.

What’s the game about?

That’s My Congress is a new kind of game, a political game played with cards in which players attempt to gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives and pass landmark legislation. Players put current members of Congress literally in the palms of their hands as they compete to advance their political agendas and establish strategic advantage.

That’s My Congress is a perfect gift for people like to play, but also people who are sincerely interested in politics: Grassroots activists, Washington D.C. insiders, political science majors, journalists and budding young idealists.

As people play, they’ll have fun, but they’ll also gain insight into real political dynamics, become familiar with our nation’s top legislative leaders, and be inspired to transfer their strategic visions into real life, joining other citizens in the struggle to promote their values in our democratic society.

That’s My Congress is an expandable, customizable game with flexible rules that are open to be changed according to the needs of different kinds of players. Soon after the initial release of the basic set of the card game, expansion packs of additional cards will be on the way to bring new ideas and even more members of Congress into play.

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Which members of Congress are in this initial game release?


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