Michigan’s Pure PAC Is Pure Vanity

pure paul mitchellWhen you think of a committee, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A committee, above all else, is made up of a collection of people… different people.

The Pure Political Action Committee wants to totally revolutionize this idea of a committee, thinking outside the box by making their committee populated just by one person. The membership of Pure PAC consists almost purely of Michigan political insider Paul Mitchell.

The FEC records make it plain what’s actually going on at the Pure PAC. 98.8 percent of the cash that pays for the political campaigning of the “committee” comes from just from one person: Paul Mitchell.

Wouldn’t you know it, but the Pure PAC just so happens to represent all the political opinions held by one person: Paul Mitchell.

The Pure PAC is a vanity committee, created by Paul Mitchell, populated by Paul Mitchell, to push Paul Mitchell’s individual political opinions on everybody else.

It’s a political project that could only be imagined by someone who believes that people with money deserve a bigger influence over America’s democratic elections than everybody else.

Apparently, Paul Mitchell and his personal committee think that pure democracy is for suckers.

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