Walberg Claims That Atheism Leads Inevitably To Dictatorship

tim walberg discriminationThis week, an all-Christian coalition of Supreme Court justices ruled, in the decision Greece v. Galloway, that local governments have the right to selectively promote particular religions by establishing rituals exclusively from a religion as an official part of public meetings. Discrimination excluding minority religions from participation would be just fine in these circumstances, the ruling stated, in spite of the strong objections of the three non-Christian members of the court.

Michigan Republican U.S. Representative Tim Walberg has enthusiastically supported the Supreme Court decision to support religious discrimination by local governments. So eager is Walberg to see the new Christian-only government establishment of religion begin that he has begun to use his own federal office as a pulpit to attack non-Christian Americans. In discussing the Greece v. Galloway case, Walberg has gone to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and declared, “Atheism substitutes men for the Supreme Creator, and this leads inevitably to domination and dictatorship.”

In Congressman Walberg’s view, Americans are either Christians, or they are enemies of democracy. Will Walberg’s constituents accept this limited perspective, and re-elect him to serve another term in Congress this year?

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