Ken Calvert’s Out-of-District Cash differs broadly from his In-District Contributions

Ken Calvert Looks Out of District for campaign dollarsRep. Ken Calvert takes some of his money from inside his congressional district, California’s 42nd. But a fair amount of Ken Calvert’s campaign cash comes from interests outside the district. Open Secrets has taken a look at Ken Calvert’s campaign contributions for the 2012 election season and found that his top source of campaign cash was…

… can you guess it?…

… if you guessed “lobbyists,” you’d be correct. The single biggest professional group supporting Ken Calvert with cash in the 2012 election was lobbyists. But among contributions from within his own district, lobbyists ranked far down on the list, in 70th place.

The second-biggest source of Ken Calvert’s campaign cash: real estate interests. Among contributions from inside Calvert’s own district, real estate interests rank fifth. That’s not too far out of whack, but what about third-place “air transport” contributors, who within the district are in forty-second place? Perhaps the biggest disjuncture regards the military electronics industry, which was the fifth-biggest source of Ken Calvert’s campaign money in 2012 but which ranked incredibly far back from within his own district, at a miniscule seventy-third place.

If the old saying that “he who pays the piper calls the tune” is true, Ken Calvert seems to be dancing to a tune wafting over the hills from outside the bounds of the place he is nominally supposed to represent.

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