Louie Gohmert’s CHURCH Act Fizzles in 2013

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas has rallied every year since 2009 to get his CHURCH Act recognized by the U.S. Congress. In this case, CHURCH is an acronym for Congressional Hope for Uniform Recognition of Christian Heritage. The CHURCH Act rejects the tradition of separating of church and state; if passed, it would require that a sign be erected in Congress endorsing Gohmert’s limited vision for religious freedom in America: that people should be allowed to choose between different Christian denominations.

For a time, it looked as though Rep. Gohmert’s CHURCH Act was gaining admirers. In the 111th Congress, Gohmert attracted 14 cosponsors, and in the 112th Congress, that figure rose to 28 cosponsors. On Election Day 2012, however, Christian theocrats in Congress lost a number of seats and endured significant public rebuke. The aftermath of this election loss is striking: in the 113th Congress, the CHURCH Act has attracted only 4 cosponsors.

CHURCH Act cosponsorship, from the 111th to the 113th Congress

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on “Louie Gohmert’s CHURCH Act Fizzles in 2013
One Comment on “Louie Gohmert’s CHURCH Act Fizzles in 2013

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