Why Is A Wyoming Senator Campaigning In Florida?

Mike Enzi was elected by the citizens of Wyoming to represent them in the United States Senate. Today, the U.S. Senate is in recess, ostensibly so that U.S. senators can meet with constituents from their home state, to hear about their needs.

Senator Enzi had a different idea about how to use this time.

Instead of going back to Wyoming to meet with Wyoming voters, Senator Enzi has traveled about as far away from Wyoming as he can get, and still be in the United States. Enzi has gone down to Key West, Florida, and is staying at the Casa Marina Resort, a hotel operated by Waldorf Astoria.

For four days, starting today, Mike Enzi will be sitting the Caribbean sun, talking with lobbyists and representatives of corporate political action committees, hearing what they want him to do on their behalf. In return for this access the lobbyists and corporate representatives will be giving money to the Making Business Excel PAC – a fund that Mike Enzi has set up to funnel money into his 2014 re-election campaign.

Mike Enzi doesn’t even have an opponent in the 2014 election yet.

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on “Why Is A Wyoming Senator Campaigning In Florida?
One Comment on “Why Is A Wyoming Senator Campaigning In Florida?
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