Liberal Tom Harkin Endorses Sometime Conservative Bruce Braley

Senator Tom Harkin has consistently been one of the more liberal members of the U.S. Senate. For the current session of Congress, Harkin scores a 75 percent liberal voting score.

But, at the end of the current session of Congress, Tom Harkin will retire. Progressive Iowans had hoped that Harkin would support a successor with a similar liberal voting record. Instead, Harkin has endorsed Congressman Bruce Braley.

Braley’s voting record has sometimes placed him on the conservative side of the Democratic Party. In the current session of Congress so far, Braley’s liberal voting score is only 22 percent. In the 112th Congress, Braley managed a 65 percent liberal voting score, closer to Harkin’s, but in the 111th Congress, Braley’s liberal voting score was only 43 percent. In the 110th Congress, Braley’s liberal voting score was a lackluster 57 percent.

There currently is no Republican candidate for Harkin’s seat in the Senate.


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