School Crimes Are Down, So Why Hire More Cops In Schools?

“Between 1992 and 2010, the total victimization rates for students ages 12–18 generally declined both at and away from school. This pattern also held for thefts, violent victimizations, and serious violent victimizations. In the most recent period between 2009 and 2010, the total victimization rate against students ages 12–18 at school declined from 43 victimizations per 1,000 students to 32 per 1,000, and the rate of violent victimization at school declined from 20 per 1,000 students to 14 per 1,000.” So reads the latest Indicators of School Crime and Safety, a statistical report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Yesterday, U.S. Representatives Pat Tiberi and Ron Kind introduced H.R. 1546, “A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to encourage a law enforcement presence in our schools by allowing full-time, off-duty law enforcement officials an exclusion from income for wages received for performing services in an elementary or secondary school as a substitute teacher”. Why, if school crime is down, and federal financial support for schools is down as well, would Congress want to encourage schools to spend extra money to post policy officers up and down their hallways?

crime in schools

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