Flag Desecration Legislation Trend Suggests the Patriotic Panic is Finally Washing Away

They can take away my freedom, but they'll never take away my flag! Ironic T-Shirt, Made in the USAIn the wake of the attacks of 2001, bill after bill after bill after bill after bill before Congress attempted to legislate a Christian God into government and to prohibit the symbolic speech act of a burning flag.

This trend appears to be dying with the 113th Congress, at least in its first few months. There is only one bill before Congress to criminalize flag burning — H.J. Res 19. That bill has attracted no cosponsors, and its primary sponsor, Jo Ann Emerson, has given up her seat in Congress to become a lobbyist for energy corporations.

What about “God” in Congress? The only mention of the word “God” in legislation this year refers to the legal phrase “acts of God” in revisions of regulations regarding natural disasters.

By contrast, there are three bills before the 113th Congress having to do with pet care. It appears that the our nation’s patriotic panic is finally washing away.

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