LeAlan Jones Builds Narrow Focus In Special Congressional Election

In nine days, voters in the 2nd congressional district of Illinois will have the opportunity to choose a replacement for Jesse Jackson Jr., who abandoned the seat shortly before pleading guilty to engaging in the illegal personal use of campaign funds. Most coverage of the race describes it as a contest between Democrat Robin Kelly and Republican Paul McKinley, but the Green Party of Illinois has also successfully placed a candidate on the balance: Documentary filmmaker LeAlan Jones.

The focus of the Jones for Congress campaign is set squarely on health care. Every single one of the policies Jones proposes on his campaign web site’s issues page is related to the availability of medical care.

Elsewhere, Jones identifies educational reform as a priority, but it’s not clear what Jones would do with the specific power of a member of the U.S. House of Representatives to solve problems that he categorizes as local in nature. “As a congressional member, I seek to break up the power and monopoly on the Fifth Floor of City Hall and give it back to the local school councils,” Jones has promised, without making it clear how legislation from Washington D.C. can accomplish such changes.

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