The Questions Of Senator Moran

This morning, people are speaking of the filibuster of Rand Paul, a protest of the execution of Americans, using attack drones, without trial. Paul was not the only senator to speak during the filibuster, however. In the seventh hour, Jerry Moran rose to ask several questions: “If it is Constitutional to intentionally kill an American citizen in the United States without due process of law, then what is not Constitutional under the United States Constitution? If the conclusion is reached as the administration – at least is unwilling to say is not the case, if the conclusion is reached that it is within the powers of the Constitution for the Executive to allow for the killing of an American citizen in the United States, then what is left in our Constitution that would prohibit other behavior? If you can go this far, what liberties remain for Americans?”

President Barack Obama has claimed for himself the right to determine, without trial, that American citizens are guilty of the crime of conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism. President Obama has further granted himself the power to execute the people he has decided are guilty of these crimes. Under Obama’s new self-granted powers, the accused have no right to appeal the charges against them, or even to know that they have been accused. They are simply killed, at the order of the President of the United States.

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