John Garamendi Calls For Climate Action, But Fails to Deliver

John Garamendi, a Democratic U.S. Representative from California, stood on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday and chided his colleagues for doing nothing to deal with climate change. “Climate change is very, very real,” Garamendi warned. “You only have to look at the superstorms we have had, Sandy and others, and the $180 billion of destruction that has been wrought upon us from the environment just over the last 2 years. The climate is changing, and there’s something we can do about it. In fact, there’s something this House of Representatives must do about it, and that is to move forcefully, directly, and aggressively to clean energy policies. We ought to be subsidizing those clean energy systems that are out there – solar and wind.”

Congressman Garamendi sure sounds as if he has some specific ideas on climate change, but what are they? As of now, John Garamendi hasn’t introduced any legislation related to the issue of climate change. In fact, in the 113th Congress so far, Garamendi hasn’t introduced any legislation at all.

john garamendi on climate change

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