A Warning About Big Brother On The Phone

Last week, Congressman Dennis Kucinich gave a warning to his colleagues in the House of Representatives. Big Brother is listening.

Kucinich was talking about the passage of H.R. 5949, a bill that extends the FISA Amendments Act for 5 more years, without any reform. Kucinich said,

“Think of what it’s like to make a phone call, any one of us right now. We make a phone call–even from this Capitol – to call a friend overseas, start talking about matters relating to what’s happening in America, what’s happening in the world. The way this law is written, without changes, those phone calls could be intercepted. They cannot only be intercepted, but they can be downloaded, transcribed, and stored for future use by the government. I have a problem with that. It’s a great concern. What happens is that everyone then becomes suspect when Big Brother is listening.

I don’t think that government should have the right to listen in to people’s phone calls unless there’s a warrant. You have to have probable cause. That’s what the Fourth Amendment is about. This bill doesn’t have those protections.”

The Senate has yet to pass legislation equivalent to H.R. 5949, so there is still time to for Americans who support the Bill of Rights to prevent the extension of the FISA Amendments Act from passing into law.


on “A Warning About Big Brother On The Phone
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  1. Someone is talking sense in Wasington.! I am happy to hear that someone in government is speaking out about this.
    The NDAA scares me to death. I cannot beleive this is even happening in the United States. I am totally against the government spying on U.S citizens without probable cause and a warrant. I realize that there are bad people in the world but we do not need to go to these extremes for protection.

    I beleive that there were enough agencies on 9/11 that knew something was going to happen. If only they had shared information that event might never have taken place.

    The FBI, CIA and NSA should join forces and share information amongst each other in matters of National Security. I do not think the Federal Government needs to spend billions of dollars monitoring phones, emails and all electronic communications of the entire population. This is exactly why we have no money. We have good intelligence already in place but instead of using existing resources and building on those we run out and build something new. I say joining the existing agencies creating a new branch where they work together would have been a far better solution to this problem.

    Why can’t Washington come up with reasonable solutions for anything? Why is the answer always to spend billions of dollars when our country is in such a financial mess? it’s high time the Federal Government starts thinking ‘outiside the box’ when it comes to solutions to new problems instead of doing business as usual and just throwing tons of money away. Most of us live on a ‘budget’ and we have to follow it. it would be about time Washington does the same. That is if Obama could bother to come up with one.

  2. Before 9/11 it was actually illegal for the various intellegance agencies to share information with domestic law enforcement such as the FBI, and with each other. Thank liberal Dems for that one.

    I agree that government’s answer to most problems is to throw money at it and hope something sticks. The reason is that government doesn’t have to operate under a profit motive of any sort. Business whom face a problem must solve it or lose money. No such motivation with governments.

    The NDAA is a danger to all our freedoms. It should be revised at the least, repealed would be better.

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