Arkansas Liberals Find An Alternative To Blue Dog Democrats

Yesterday’s political primary for the Arkansas Democrats in the state’s 1st congressional district ended in a cliff hanger. On June 12, there will be a run off between Scott Ellington and Clark Hall.

Whichever Democrat wins the run off, liberal Democrats in the district won’t have a good representative in the general election. Clark Hall says he wants to be a Blue Dog like the Republican-friendly former U.S. Representative Marion Berry. Scott Ellington promises to shift away from the Democratic Party once elected, to make deals with the House Republicans, and supports pro-corporate, anti-environmental policies such as expanding offshore drilling for oil (not a gutsy move from the inland state of Arkansas).

Liberals do have a candidate they can trust outside the Democratic Party. No, not the incumbent Republican Rick Crawford, who never saw a progressive idea he didn’t hate.

This year, there’s a Green Party candidate in the 1st congressional district of Arkansas: Jacob Holloway. Explaining his reason for running for Congress as a Green, Holloway states, “I want to hold both of the major political parties accountable—Democrats and Republicans—for their corruption and fraud of the American people. I want to prosecute the banking Wall St. criminals that destroyed the U.S. economy and used predatory lending to take away American’s homes, jobs and whole family’s futures. And, last but not least, I want to help further the movement to pass a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to protect campaign finance rule laws and I will never accept any corporate or political action committee money for my own campaign.”


on “Arkansas Liberals Find An Alternative To Blue Dog Democrats
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  1. As a liberal democrat, Jacob Holloway isn’t my choice for Congress. Jacob, first of all, isn’t qualified, as he isn’t 25 and will not be when the election is held, secondly, he has embraced the racist conspiracy theory making birther comments on facebook about President Obama not being born in this country, and thirdly, his comments about flouride being poison mirrors what those in the John Birch Society purport. Progressive my ass. He’s a fraudulent, opportunistic, power hungry adolescent that need’s to grow up. He’ ll be lucky to get 1% of the vote.

  2. Mary’s comments mirror a host of other things being said about Jacob this is totally wrong. First, Jacob has been a progressive activist and organizer for all of his adult life. Second, Jacob is not a racist or believes in any racist conspiracy theories. That is a bunch of crap being spread about him by a bunch of old conservative arkansas democrats that like to think they are progressive just because they voted for Obama. If Jacob wants to ask questions about fluoride in the water then good–I’d like to know why our public water is being poisoned with an industrial waste by-product. I guess Mary is drinking the bad water down there in AR, ha!
    It is more likely that Mary is actually a woman by the name of Hope Smith. Hope is a wild old crazy woman that needs to be put back on her anti-psycho meds and she worships the President as a god. She is part of this loony group of democrats, here in arkansas, that works hard to elect conservative democrats and then fancy themselves as being progressive. These people are sick and no one should believe their lies about Jacob. They are only saying this stupid crap because Jacob won’t bend down and kiss the boots of the democratic party! God Bless that man for standing up to the status quo in Arkansas–we need more young people like him!

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