Connie Mack Lunches With A Lobbyist

Congressman Connie Mack is supposed to be serving the 14th congressional district of Florida, acting as the area’s representative in Washington D.C. Today, however, Mack wasn’t even in Washington D.C. He was supposed to use the extra day’s recess given to Congress this week to go back down to Florida and meet with constituents.

It wasn’t voters in Florida who Connie Mack met with today.

Representative Mack went to New York City instead of going back to Florida. On Mack’s agenda: Meet with corporate lobbyists at a swank Manhattan restaurant. Mack had a fundraiser luncheon set up for him by a lobbyist Alphonse D’Amato.

Mr. D’Amato’s lobbying work this year includes clients such as DelShah Capital and the Poker Players Alliance

Tickets to the lunch were sold for $1,000, payable to Connie Mack. The people who bought those tickets were more lobbyists – or representatives of corporate political action committees who have standing business in Congress. Flashing some cash in front of Representative Mack, they got his attention for their for-profit legislative agenda.

It was a very cozy deal for everyone involved – and of course, the residents of Florida’s 14th congressional district were not involved. How many of them were even told of the opportunity to pay Connie Mack for his special legislative attention?

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