Jo Bonner Sacrifices Jobs To Red China

U.S. Congressman Jo Bonner likes to claim that he supports policies that will create jobs here in the United States of America. Yet, the truth is that just yesterday, Representative Bonner introduced 28 different pieces of legislation, each one written with the purpose of encouraging the importation of things that could be made right here in the United States. These laws that Bonner has written would, if passed, eliminate import fees on things made overseas…

…things like the color red. No kidding.

The color red is one of those things that’s traditionally associated with the American identity: Red, white and blue. But, if Jo Bonner has his way, if we don’t want to pay for foreign red coloring, the USA might just end up being plain old white and blue.

unilever reactive red 264 betrayalYou’ll get a real kick out of where Jo Bonner wants to import the color red from: Red China.

The substance in question is a dye called Reactive Red 264. This particular dye was invented and patented by a bunch of chemical engineers working in Shanghai, China. They’re making the dye in China too, and now they want American companies to buy this dye from Chinese factories, sending American money overseas where it won’t be invested in making American jobs. Jo Bonner’s bill, H.R. 5658, would eliminate the import fees on Red Reactive 264.

This isn’t one of those cases where there’s a foreign product that just can’t be made in the United States. The rights to Reactive Red 264 are owned by Unilever, a multinational corporation with roots in the USA. Those Chinese engineers were working for Unilever Investing Company, a subsidiary of Unilever. So, Unilever could easily start making the dye Reactive Red 264 right here in the USA, creating jobs by doing so. But Unilever refuses to create those jobs, wanting to squeeze out a few pennies of profits by setting up its factories in China.

Jo Bonner’s legislation is rewarding Unilever for refusing to create jobs in dye factories here in the USA. Representative Bonner is selling out American workers, saying that Chinese workers are the only people who can properly make the color red. That’s just pathetic.

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