Why Is Judy Biggert Trying To Give Special Advantages To Chemical Importers?

U.S. Representative Judy Biggert loves to talk about job creation. “Job creation is absolutely crucial to our nation’s economic recovery and growth,” she tells her constituents, justifying harsh cuts to public services.

Strong job creation requires the capability of industry to make products right here in the USA. Few jobs are created in the USA when corporations are allowed to substitute cheap foreign-made products for products made in the USA.

However, Judy Biggert doesn’t appear to be willing to confront corporations that are exporting American jobs overseas. This week, Biggert introduced 9 separate bills that encourage corporations to buy foreign-made goods, rather than goods made here in the USA.

For example, Biggert introduced H.R. 4493, a bill to protect unusually low import fees on the herbicide Bromoxynil Octanoate. According to ChemBook, there are at least 10 U.S. suppliers of Bromoxynil Octanoate.

Why isn’t Judy Biggert encouraging American industry with American jobs in plants creating this chemical product right here in the USA? Why is Biggert helping corporations avoid creating these jobs?

Biggert has offered no explanation.

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