Rob Bishop Ready To Eat Coal For Breakfast

Late last year, U.S. Representative Rob Bishop voted in favor of H.R. 2273, a law that prevents regulations to protect American communities from toxic pollutants contained in coal ash from being implemented. The legislation helps coal companies to rake in more money at the expense of Americans who suffer where unsafe coal ash is dumped.

Three days from now, the coal industry is giving Rob Bishop his reward.

congressman coalOn Friday morning, Alpha Natural Resources (“one of America’s leading producers of coal”), Arch Coal, and the National Mining Association are holding an “industry breakfast” at the National Mining Association Headquarters. The purpose of the event is to give coal lobbyists access to Congressman Bishop in exchange for big amounts of money given to the Rob Bishop for Congress campaign.

An industry breakfast? Is it safe to eat coal? Let’s watch U.S. Representative Rob Bishop take a big mouthful of coal dust on Friday and see what happens.

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