Spencer Bachus: Using the Levers of Power to Hurt Poor People, Pulling those Levers to Help Himself

2012: Republican Representative Spencer Bachus declines to support H.R. 336, a bill to cap credit card interest rates.

2011: Rep. Spencer Bachus votes to knock away the requirement that federal contracts pay Americans workers at least the prevailing wage for their work, supporting pay cuts for federal contract workers instead.

2011: Rep. Spencer Bachus votes for passage of H.R. 2112, a bill to cuts food aid to children, pregnant women, and senior citizens in the middle of a serious long-term economic slump.

2009: Rep. Spencer Bachus votes against H.R. 2, health care coverage for poor children.

2008: Rep. Spencer Bachus refuses to support H.R. 1257, a bill giving shareholders the right to cast an advisory vote approving or disapproving of executive pay packages.

2008: Rep. Spencer Bachus hears testimony in private session that the U.S. economy is about to head into a tailspin. Rep. Bachus promptly places market bets that stock shares will fall, and nets a tidy profit.

Spencer Bachus: It’s not just that he’s an inside trader, pulling the levers of power to enrich himself. It’s that after the fact, he took pains to kick poor people when they were down.

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