Nationwide Protests Against Arbitrary Imprisonment Powers of The NDAA

Outside a home state office of Senator John McCain, a hand written protest sign read “NDAA = Death To Due Process”. Outside the office of U.S. Representative John Carter, the signs warned, “Carter Wants You In Prison”, and declared in red, white and blue designs, “NDAA – Take This Law And Shove It”, and “Remember Your Oath? We Do!”

indefinite detention law sparks nationwide demonstrationsYesterday, there were hundreds of protests against the National Defense Authorization Act. These protests took place all across America, targeting members of Congress who voted in favor of the NDAA.

Organizers of the protest explained their actions by writing, “The objective of our demonstration is to have our congressmen repeal Section 1021 and 1022 which could lead to the indefinite military detention of Americans without due process… NDAA 2012 allows for Americans to be indefinitely detained by the military without access to an attorney or a trial by jury on orders of the executive branch. Amendments to exclude American citizens were rejected by the Obama administration and senate vote.”


on “Nationwide Protests Against Arbitrary Imprisonment Powers of The NDAA
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  1. The NDAA law loved by our communist dictator Obama is exactly the kind of law that existed in NAZI Germany and led to concentration camps and death camps. For further edification, VISIT:

  2. Wait. I’m confused. Is Obama a Communist or a Nazi? The Nazis were anti-Communist, so doesn’t that mean that the Nazis would have been anti-Obama? I can’t quite parse your political metaphors. Could you try again?

  3. Hey Congress Watcher,
    Thats like saying congress has to parties(LOL) really? does it matter? you can bet the master of them puppets are ONE IN THE SAME…..uh was the patriot act patriotic? Are OBAMA and BUSH passing laws for the same C.F.R. or is Congress really working for C.F.R. WHo what? lol USA U.N what? now I’m confused?

    And Jack Your right about NDAA and Nazi Germany,also “Homeland Security” .We are seeing a more sinister face of America through the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and Fema Camps? Is it just me that sees all of this a much larger version of Hitler’s Dream, not the American Dream? It’s been a very slow moving rise to power, but the success of fascism in the US has certainly not gone unnoticed.

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