Peter Stark To Address Reason Rally

Today, there was the not-so-national National Day of Prayer, which is not a governmental event, though it pretends to be, and involves many members of Congress. Events like the National Day of Prayer do not represent the large numbers of Americans who are not religious, or who belong to religions that do not practice the ritual of prayer. While the number of Christians in American is decreasing, the number of secular Americans is increasing in every state.

This year, secular Americans are holding an event that will provide a counterpoint to the National Day of Prayer. On March 24 on the National Mall, the largest ever gathering of secular Americans will take place. They’re calling it the Reason Rally.

U.S. Representative Peter Stark, who is the only member of the U.S. House of Representatives to admit to being a non-theist, will provide the Reason Rally with a statement, delivered by video. No other member of Congress is willing to attend.

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on “Peter Stark To Address Reason Rally
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