Johnny Isakson Embraces Big Government For Baseball

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson proudly displays on his official Senate web site an endorsement he received from Tom Schatz, the President of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste. In the endorsement, Schatz says of Isakson, “The fight against big government is an uphill battle. Thanks to people like Sen. Isakson, taxpayers have a fighting chance and will continue to score victories.”

I wonder what the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste would say about the bill Johnny Isakson co-sponsored in the Senate this week. S. 2036 would require the U.S. Treasury to mint coins celebrating the National Baseball Hall of Fame. In a time when members of Congress are trying to cut Medicare and Social Security payments, and eliminating jobs even as unemployment remains high, what justification can be made for requiring the Treasury to fashion new coin designs that celebrate a baseball museum? Is professional baseball truly in such trouble that it needs such special government assistance?

In spite of his ideological rhetoric, it’s clear that Johnny Isakson has embraced big government. The only time Senator Isakson opposes government action is when the government is actually trying to improve the lives of large numbers of Americans, rather than delivering trinkets of prestige to the wealthy owners of sports teams.

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