Voters Want Less Military, Fewer Lobbyists, Sanders Poll Finds

U.S. Senate Bernard Sanders is conducting a survey this week to find out what the priorities of the American people are in the time before Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address.

So far, the most important issue has to do with the spread of corrupting forces within Washington D.C. 88.12 percent of respondents so far say that “Reducing the influence of lobbyists and special interest groups in Washington” is a “top priority”.

That priority may have some connection to the lowest priority of respondents so far. Only 2.93 percent of respondents say that “Strengthening the U.S. military” is a top priority.

Politicians in Congress keep on increasing the military budget, of course, even as they’re slashing funds for education, infrastructure and health care. The reason: Corporations make a great deal of profit from a fat military budget, and the influence of corporate lobbyists in Washington D.C. is at an all time high.

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on “Voters Want Less Military, Fewer Lobbyists, Sanders Poll Finds
One Comment on “Voters Want Less Military, Fewer Lobbyists, Sanders Poll Finds
  1. I fully support reducing the influence of lobbyist and special interest groups in DC and while I am a staunch supporter of our military – the massive dispatch of our military into places we have no business is very troubling. I support that there should be a law that requires the USG to notify Congress in writing before any US troops are deployed outside of the US for any reason and there should be no exceptions.

    We need to have massive reform of our tax codes. I fail to see where earned income ($$$ paid to someone for working at a job – should be taxed more than $$$ made by someone who is investing $$$) I suggest this was drafted by lobbyist and individuals who have massive wealth and can get to elected officials much easier than any common citizen. And these are the real people who peddle their $$$ to control legislation.

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