New York Liberals Organizing Against Kirsten Gillibrand

Last week, New York’s U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand voted in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act, a law that allows the federal government to imprison Americans without criminal trial for extended periods of time. The act is in blatant violation of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, but Gillibrand seemed unconcerned by that.

Senator Gillibrand may be more concerned now that, in response to her vote in favor of the NDAA, liberals across New York are organizing an effort to oppose her re-election in 2012. Campaign gear has sprung up, including a Democrats Against Gillibrand button, a Democrats Against Gillibrand bumper sticker, and a Democrats Against Gillibrand tshirt.

It’s all well and good for New York Democratic voters to be against Kirsten Gillibrand. She hasn’t done much to earn the support of progressives. But, what alternative do they have?

It turns out that a strong liberal alternative to Kirsten Gillibrand is running for Senate. Dr. Scott Noren is running on a platform of ending corporate personhood, representing the ideals of the Occupy Wall Street protest, reducing military spending, and creating a nationwide ban on hydrofracking.

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