The Kingdom of Congress

The United States of America was founded upon the rejection of monarchy. Yet, a vestige of the old English kingdom remains in our U.S. Capitol, personified by the Chaplain of the Senate, Barry C. Black.

Black opened up this week of work for the U.S. Senate with an officially sanctioned government prayer ritual. In that ritual, Chaplain Black called for a restoration of the United States into a kingdom.

Of course, this was the kingdom of Black’s god. He called this god the “king” of the United States, and urged down the deity’s divine powers to control the thoughts and actions of the senators, so that this god could reign over us all as a monarch. “Thus, may they fulfill their vocation to the glory of your name and the advancement of your kingdom.”

Given that Americans have lived in a democracy, not a monarchy, for almost 240 years now, why are we having official religious rituals in Congress that use the autocratic language of the British Empire?

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on “The Kingdom of Congress
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