Ted Poe Stands Up For Outdated Technology

Yesterday, Texas U.S. Representative Ted Poe stood up before all his colleagues in Congress and told a story of woe about how the incandescent light bulb will soon be outlawed. “Freedom of choice is under attack by Washington,” he said. “The government wants to control the light in homes and businesses throughout America! A new law bans the incandescent light bulb and will require Americans to buy the new, special $3 government-approved light bulb. Soon it will be against the law to sell Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb!”

The plain truth is that there is no ban on incandescent light bulbs. It’s a conspiracy theory, an urban legend, a myth.

There are some regulations about the efficiency of light bulbs, sure, but that’s what Congress was established to do. Regulation of interstate commerce is smack dab in the middle of the Constitution as a congressional power.

Horses and buggies aren’t allowed on interstate highways. Groceries aren’t allowed to store meat in wooden barrels any more. Technology moves forward. Our nation makes progress.

Thomas Edison’s light bulb was great for it’s time, but it was invented a long time ago. We have better alternatives now – including better forms of incandescent light bulbs.

Could someone put a light bulb above Ted Poe’s head? Maybe then he’d see the light.

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