Mark Neumann Colluding With Lobbyists Even Before Election Time

Wisconsin Republican Mark Neumann is campaigning to replace Herb Kohl in the United States Senate in next year’s election. Neumann criticizes other politicians easily, saying that they’re “threatening it all by pandering”.

corporate lobbyists corrupt wisconsin republicanYet, even before he’s gained his own party’s nomination, Neumann is pandering himself – to corporate lobbyists. The day after tomorrow, Neumann will attend a posh Washington D.C. party at the offices of Davis and Harman, a lobbying firm that works on behalf of Wall Street financial elites. The party will be specially hosted by veteran lobbyist Allen Shofe.

Mark Neumann can’t even wait until after the election to sell out to lobbyists carrying corporate cash. Why should Wisconsin voters choose to send him to the United States Senate?

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