Should Tax Breaks Create Incentives For Higher Population?

One month ago, the human population of the planet earth reached 7 billion. Just one generation ago, the population was only 4 billion. No one can say for sure how many people there will be in another generation, but it’s likely to be much, much higher.

The crowding of the earth makes life much more difficult for everyone. Yet, a new piece of legislation creates a tax incentive for people to make more new people at an even higher rate.

H.R. 3522, primarily sponsored by John Lewis and cosponsored by William Keating, Rosa DeLauro and Richard Neal, would create new tax breaks specifically for the sake of helping people to get fertility treatments.

Is it good policy to lower government income through taxes, in order to increase the rate of human reproduction, when there are massive government budget cuts for social services, and our planet is in the middle of an unprecedented population boom?

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