Who Crossed the Aisle On The Iraq War Authorization Vote Yesterday?

Yesterday, nine years after the U.S. Senate made the historic blunder of authorizing the invasion of Iraq, there came an opportunity to correct that problem. Yesterday, an amendment to the 2012 Defense authorization bill offered by Republican Senator Rand Paul came up for a vote. Senator Paul’s amendment would have ended the authorization to go to war in Iraq. Without such a revocation of war authority, a future President could begin a new war in Iraq without the consent of Congress.

congressional authorization 2011The amendment was defeated by a coalition of Republicans and Democrats. Most of the senators who voted to keep the authorization of war alive were Republicans, but 24 Democratic senators joined the majority of Republicans.

Daniel Akaka
Michael Bennett
Richard Blumenthal
Thomas Carper
Robert Casey
Chris Coons
Kent Conrad
Kay Hagan
Daniel Inouye
Tim Johnson
John Kerry
Herb Kohl
Mary Landrieu
Carl Levin
Barbara Mikulski
Bill Nelson
Mark Pryor
Jack Reed
Harry Reid
Charles Schumer
Debbie Stabenow
Mark Warner
Jim Webb
Sheldon Whitehouse

Most of the senators who voted to end the authorization of war in Iraq were Democrats, but in addition to Rand Paul voted for the Paul Amendment. They were:

Jim DeMint
Dean Heller
Olympia Snowe


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  1. What would you expect from a group who voted for the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. which included language to legalize martial law? Thank god Rand Paul got the amendment thrown out. Shame on these bunch of traitors…..they could care less about the oath they swore to uphold the constitution. Anything can be rationalized if it is one’s self interest to do so. I do pray that Senator Paul’s father can win the Republican nomination and then the presidency. These clowns won’t be so bold in an atmosphere of “real freedom” taking control of DC.

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